Global Unifaith Update: Crystal Cathedral 'Suicided' For The Cause

Bankrupt Crystal Cathedral Sold to Catholics for $57M

Bankrupt megachurch Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif. is changing faith traditions. The Roman Catholic Dioceses of Orange is purchasing the church’s 40-acre property with its towering glass building for $57.5 million in a deal approved by a bankruptcy court judge Thursday.

The founder’s son, Robert A. Schuller, took over the church until he was forced out, in part, by family members who reportedly disagreed with Schuller’s leadership. The younger Schuller, now chairman of FamilyNet media company, had the highest salary at the church when it went bankrupt at $196,478, the Orange County Register reported.

The current congregants of Crystal Cathedral will have to find a new place of worship though dozens attended the six-hour hearing pleading to call off a sale of the property.

In 2008, the recession led to a decrease in church donations and ticket sales to its holiday pageants, according to church officials.

As above so below - behind the illusion is the dark reality of the would-be godmen of the NWO.

The end of the Crystal Cathedral is a direct fulfillment of this post: Suicide At Schuller's Crystal Cathedral Reported: 'As Above So Below'? 2-23-10 "A man walked into the Crystal Cathedral on Wednesday morning, handed a church greeter a note, then knelt in front of a cross and shot himself in the head, leaving him dead at the altar, police said."

This comment was made: ""As above, so below" has been called the "golden rule" of the Satanic mystery religion known as the Kabbalah...The Kabbalists see this rule as foundational to success in their quest to create their utopia, the 'novus ordo seclorum', or the 'new order of the ages'... To their mind they are bringing about a spiritual transformation of the entire cosmos and of humanity...[so]...all parts of the plan are [first] 'acted out' here below in the 'earth realm'....the "Megachurch" [has] no place in the new 'spiritual atmosphere' of global unifaith religion being birthed on the planet by the dark masters of the Kabbalah...Granted, this is pure speculation now, but you might even say that the Mega's are slated to be 'suicided' - that is, they will have to take themselves out, as it were. If this is in fact the case, is it not possible that an NWO mind-control would be sent in to act-out the 'spiritual reality' in the 'physical realm'? Is the message here that the Megachurches will perform the ultimate service of self-sacrifice to the one-world-religion god Lucifer, and be found "dead at the altar"? Answer: It has already started. [see post]

Also, these posts which charted the choreographed demise of Schullerville:

Out With The Old: NWO's Crystal Cathedral Files Bankruptcy 10-19-10
Robert Schuller was the 'founder' of the modern megachurch 'industry', and has personally 'mentored' a number of others who have followed his lead; Rick Warren with his pseudo-christian purpose-driving message being a notable example. Schuller has never preached the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He created a 'gospel' of his own and marketed it and sold it under the label of "possibility thinking". In simple language, a false gospel. A new-world-order counterfeit...With it he then took to the airwaves and disseminated his 'leaven' on a wider scale than ever previously possible. Schuller is also an avowed globalist (
here)...Far from being a 'work of God', the first ever 'megachurch' was built upon "damnable heresies". Most if not all others have followed suit. The truth is that they were part of the globalist strategy from the first. And they have fulfilled the purpose for which they were designed - the widespread corruption of the true Christian faith...With that nearly complete, the megachurch has served it's purpose in the Cabalist/globalist-plan to create the anti-christ one world religion, and the time has come to move on to the next phase. Despite the fact that the Crystal Cathedral-ite's have pledged to rebound, the script has already been written. [see post]

Multifaith In, Megachurches Out: NWO Absorbing Schuller's Crystal Cathedral 2-1-10
"Nason said it is not clear when the church will recover from its steep losses"...Prediction: Schullerville will never rise again...Transforming the 'religious landscape', as it is sometimes referred to, from old-world to new-world order will be a process. The important thing to understand about what is happening here is that, despite the ignorance of the majority of the people involved, this is a choreographed move. It is the phase-out. Megachurches do not fit into the purpose-driven 'multifaith' communitarian model of NWO world government...Megachurchers, the flocks must be scattered. You have been marked out for absorption by multifaith purpose-driven networks [here], designed to make you into compliant servants of earth's master race. Believe it or not. [see post]

Megachurch Model Obsolete For NWO, Schuller Leading Way 2-2-09
"I don't see a scenario for maintaining a TV-based megachurch anymore. The days of doing that in the models of Schuller and Jimmy Swaggart and Oral Roberts are over," Schultze said. "It's amazing to me that the 'Hour of Power' was able to keep going as long as it did."...Even with all the drama in this scripted collapse of the Schuller religious empire, the 'behind the scene' reality is not difficult to ascertain. The multi-million dollar mega-church industry has become counter-productive to the globalist plan and must be shut down...The model for the global future is 'interreligious'... It really is just that simple. To create the so-called
purpose driven service networks for global management, these mega-church organizations will have to be dismantled and broken down into smaller 'units'. Schuller's will not be the only one, eventually they all will have to go. Watch and see. [see post]

Merging 'Christianity' Into The One World Government 1-17-08

What: Rethink Conference
Where: Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral
When: January 17-19, 2008

Be a part of an unprecedented convergence of influential Christian and global leaders this January...Rethink is a convergence of thinkers, innovators and leaders from the Christian and global arenas. We’re purposely gathered a group of speakers you wouldn't necessarily expect to hear at a Christian conference. Our aim is to be immersed in the latest thoughts and perspectives of these respected cultural icons to tap into what’s happening in our world today and to grapple with how we respond." [see post]

Back in Jan. 2008 Schuller held a conference billed as an "unprecedented convergence...of Christian and global leaders". It was called the "Rethink Conference". The 'rethink' name and the promotions for the conference signalled clearly the intent of the participants - a redefinition of the "institution" of Christendom for a "convergence" with the global agenda, i.e. the global church. Schuller was on board 100%.

That the collapse of the Crystal Cathedral has been orchestrated to forward the assimilation of the "institution" of Christendom into the one world religion is clear. The tell-tale signs were unmistakable. The first pretended rumours of trouble arose not long after this conference, with the onset of the so-called 2008 financial recession and a claim of decreased revenues. That bogus 'crisis' is still being used today to collapse entire countries and also "converge" them into the global system. Yada yada. Not long after that Schuller out-of-the-blue suddenly began to speak about retiring, and his long time co-preacher clone-like son, with the identical message, was "forced out". No, no, that would be 'suicide' for the Crystal Cathedral, so to speak, because the clone-son was already doing it and was the perfect replacement, the only conceivable replacement actually. But just like that he was out the door. The final clue was when the cabalist-occultists showed their hand and did that little suicide as-above-so-below ritual inside the Crystal Cathedral building - right on the altar in fact. They do not do anything without first performing the ritual. That's how they roll in the NWO - black magic and sorcery. It was a very clear signal.

As it stands, the Catholic church will take over the building in three years. The Catholic church is already 100% vested in the unifaith-global agenda [here and here], although the average Catholic is totally oblivious.

The great significance of the sell-out of the iconic Crystal Cathedral is that it is intended to signal the end of "institutional" Christianity and it's exclusivism. Exclusivism and unifaith cannot co-exist. The NWO-planners call it changing the religious landscape. Although some might disagree, the fact is that all megachurches are already apostate, and that by design, but not fully unifaith, so the institutions themselves must now be phased out, the protective walls removed, so as to evolve the individual into the Brave New World of global antichrist worship. The script is already written. Rev. 18:4
2Cor. 11:14-15 'And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works'


Anonymous said...

Another mega-church slated for implosion may be Harvest Bible Chapel of Rolling Meadows Illinois USA. This is the home church of James MacDonald, the leader of Elephant Room and Vertical Church fame.

Under JM's leadership, the church has managed to amass $65 million in debt. This is while he and other staff members were participating in high-stakes gambling at casinos.


BTW, JM had cancer a few years ago and went to Southern California for treatment for several months. While there, he was mentored by Greg Laurie and JM preached at Greg's church regularly during his stay.

Just some interesting info...

tom m. said...

Slated for implosion is precisely the correct choice of words. It is by design. The 'old way' must be collapsed so the 'new way' can be brought in. Nothing like a good scandal to prepare the flock for the planned 'paradigm shift'.

MacDonald is a chief faciltator, along with Furtick and other cohorts in strong-delusion. Back at Code Orange and ER 2012 they called it the forming of a "new tribe" - here and also here

Note also the timing with regard to the new unifaith pope just installed...

It's the book of Jude