Bogus NWO Economic Crisis Now Being Used To Takeover American Cities: Harrisburg, PA Goes Into Private Hands

Update on: Next Stage Of NWO U.S. Economic Collapse Begins: Capital City Of Pennsylvania Files Bankruptcy 10-12-11 "Here we can see clearly that a new order of a virtual takeover of the city's finances by an "appointee" is already in the works. Under the plan, already half-way there having "passed the House", the city goes into "receivership", and suddenly it is then under the control of private interests...It's being done all through Europe on a national level right now..." [see post]
Judge dismisses Harrisburg, PA, bankruptcy protection attempt

HARRISBURG, Pa., Nov 23 (Reuters) - A federal judge said on Wednesday that Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, cannot file for bankruptcy to get out of its $300 million outstanding debt, paving the way for a state takeover of city finances.

The city in October became one of the most-high-profile cities to opt for the little used Chapter 9 of the U.S. bankruptcy code as it tried to get out of a debt burden incurred as a result of an expensive overhaul of the city's incinerator.

"Now we can focus the city on financial recovery. We want to bring the elements of government together," said Robert Philbin, spokesman for Mayor Linda Thompson, who was opposed to the filing.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed a bill on Oct. 20 that allows for a takeover of the city's finances, and he named David Unkovic, a lawyer with ties to the city's biggest creditors, as receiver last week.

A spokesperson for Corbett said the governor was "not surprised" by the ruling and is "moving forward with the receiver process to ensure Harrisburg is put back on sound fiscal footing as soon as possible."

Fake financial insolvency...move in and take over. Just like Italy, just like Greece. Albeit on a city level here rather than a state or national level - for the time being, the NWO coup d'etat of America is on in a huge way. And this high-profile Harrisburg, Pennsylvania case looks to be the ice-breaking precedent-setter for pretended-bankruptcy US city takeovers. And with today's development in the case it can now be clearly seen how this is being done.

As the story goes of course, the city of Harrisburg had encountered tremendous debt. The city then filed bankruptcy proceedings last month so as to be relieved of those 'debts'. The case was heard today 11-23-11 in federal court and the bankruptcy protection for the city was denied. There is no way out for them in other words, except to be taken over. Of course.

This ruling effectively dissolves the city as it gives control over it to the state - which has actually already assigned a "receiver". The governor signed a bill on 11-20-11 appointing a private party to the position. This puts full control of the city into private hands. Note that the Mayor's spokesman says that they want to "bring the elements of government together". Although few will understand the significance of that Agenda 21- doublespeak, it very clearly signals the intent to transition everything into the globalized model of 'public-private partnerships'...with the emphasis on 'private'. It is through this system that the kabalist-globalists, the 'private partners', intend to micromanage the entire earth. Note also that the "receiver process" is to be moved forward "as soon as possible". Get it done before anybody figures out what just happened.

Jefferson County Alabama [below] and Detroit Michigan [below] are being run through the same exercise. Note that in Detroit there just so happens to be a new law already in place - the "emergency financial manager law" - which will "cede control to an independent leader" appointed by the 'governor'. Exactly what just happened in Pennsylvania. This likely will play out over the next few months.

Meanwhile, did you hear who won dancing? Rev. 18:4
compare: Detroit faces state takeover 11-20-11
In Detroit, battle lines are being drawn between the mayor and the city council over ways to keep the Motor City out of bankruptcy and what some fear will be a state financial takeover under a new provision in Michigan law...the state’s new emergency financial manager law, which would cede local control to an independent leader appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

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NWO Stepping Up USA Takedown: Alabama County Files 'Largest Ever Civic Bankruptcy' 11-10-11 "The transition from American representative government to privatized i.e. corporate-owned communitarian global government, which is exactly what is seen here, is terrority that was charted long ago. The harsh reality is that the 'charts' are now being followed and the 'terrority' is being traversed - the carefully choregraphed takedown of the USA for assimilation into the privatized global-regional system of the antichrist beast. It is what it is." [follow links, connect dots]
Prov. 28:5 "...they that seek the LORD understand all things"

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