Occupy Wall Street Evicted, Vow To Return Stronger

Follow up on: Wall Street Update: Crowds Growing, Police Flexing, Conflict Brewing 10-22-11 "Escalating the conflict to bring in the next phase - "not so peaceful"...Peaceful civil unrest to non-peaceful to riots to the end of America as you have known it. There is no plan 'b'"
Latest update: Apparently one judge had ruled in favor of Occupy Wall Street allowing them to continue to camp in Zucotti Park; the city of NY ignored that order and got another ruling from a second judge disallowing camping equipment. Occupy Wall Street has vowed to not be deterred:

Bloomberg Unleashes Riot Police on Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park Police Defy Court Order
VERDICT ANNOUNCED: Judge rules against the City of New York! OWS2.0 begins now!-

Judge backs city's ban on Occupy Wall Street protesters' tents at Zuccotti
The ruling by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman says that city can stop protesters from bringing tents, tarps and other camping equipment into the park..."It's still on. It'll be bigger than ever. People are mobilizing now. They're wounded now and preparing for comeback," said Matt Baldwin.

Although the majority of participants are unaware that they are being manipulated, Revolu-zion Occupy is 100% NWO orchestrated and controlled, designed only to destabilize, communitarian-ize, zion-ize...the world. It will not end well. Rev. 18:4

live stream from New York: here
Eph. 6:12 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places'

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