Occupy NY 11-17-11 Chaos Update: Claim "Unstoppable...Another World Is Possible"

Follow up on: Occupy NY Chaos 11-17-11
From Youtube: "Four hundred arrests -- that is the tally for the last 24 hours, as police stage an intense crackdown on massive Occupy Wall Street protests erupting in America, with more than 30,000 protesters having shown up in New York City alone" [note in particular toward the end of video the phrase "we are unstoppable - another world is possible" on the side of a skyscraper - it is difficult to say whether it was done with some sort of spotlight or actually superimposed on the video. Regardless, the 'hidden' globalist revolu-'zion' message in that statement is clear]

compare: NWO Revolu-Zion Update: Occupy Oakland Turns Into Street Fight, Just Like Big Brother Wants 10-26-11 "NWO insider Ron Paul [1-22-10] ...predicted a dollar crash, a "street fight" with blood in the streets of the USA, followed by a massive government crackdown" [see post]
2 Peter 3:7 'But the heavens and the earth, which are now...are...reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

"Another world" is coming, but it will never happen until this present world and it's Satanic principalities and powers and spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places (the heavens) and the ungodly men who serve them them are first removed. And it will not be by 'revolution', but can only be done by a power far greater than the "principalities and powers" of this present world - the returning Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Apart from that, there truly is no hope for this planet. see: Rev. 19:17,18

Believe on Him.

11-19-11 update

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