Big Brother To Test 1st Ever National aka "Presidential" Emergency Alert System 11-9-11

...next week Wednesday [reposted from 8-29-11]
Nationwide EAS Test to Last About 3 Minutes [excerpts, photo from radioworld.com]

More technical details about the upcoming national EAS test are trickling out of the FCC.

For one thing, the commission is confirming that the test on Nov. 9 will last for about three minutes, something of an eternity in modern-day radio.

The FCC says that during the test, FEMA will originate a “live” Emergency Action Notification code to all EAS participants, including radio and TV stations, cable systems, Sirius XM, satellite TV providers and wireline video service providers. As part of the test, the public will be told the EAS has been activated for a national emergency, along with an audible notice that “this is a test.”

The commission and FEMA, along with stations and cable providers, are working on outreach efforts to inform the public to avoid panic about the test.

The bureau intends to provide more information before the test.
re: "public will be told...activated for a national emergency"

This story first came out about 7 months ago [see below: 2-9-11 "FCC approves.."] and actually contained a few more details than are given above. At that time the date for the test was unknown, but it has now been announced. Note above that there is no mention of the test including "an alert message from the president", as was reported back in February. Note also that in addition to the Big-Brother commandeering of all television, radio, cable, and satellite nationwide with a "live code", according to the article below there is the definite intent to at some point include wireless broadband into this interconnected system, which would mean computers, mobile devices, cellphones, etc..

FCC Approves "Presidential Alert System", Dictator Role For 'President' 2-9-11 "Even the Washington Post describes it like something out of Orwell’s 1984. The FCC has approved a presidential alert system. Obama may soon appear on your television or call your cell phone to warn you about the next specious al-Qaeda underwear bombing event...Commissioners voted last week to require television and radio stations, cable systems and satellite TV providers to participate in a test that would have them receive and transmit a live code that includes an alert message issued by the president. No date has been set for the test, according to the Post...Lisa Fowlkes, deputy chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the FCC, told FederalNewsRadio on Monday that the FCC is looking at how wireless broadband could also enhance the EAS as part of a recommendation that was in the FCC’s National Broadband Plan from last year.

Using the manufactured so-called GWOT (global war on terror), and (weather-modification and/or geology/geography-manipulation induced?) 'natural' disasters as justification, Big Brother is now wiring the entire communication system of the nation into a single interconnected network that he can take control of at any given moment. It starts November 9, 2011 and can only grow in power from there. 11-9-11? ...hmmm. Not good. Definitely in the Orwellian-666 category.

Stay tuned...in fact it appears that soon that will not be optional. Rev. 18.4
Psalms 10:2 'The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined'

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