11-17-11 Occupy Two Month Date: "International Day Of Action" Scheduled; New NWO Slogan

Follow up on: Occupy Update: After Oakland, NWO Agitates Some Denver Chaos 10-31-11 "...the NWO master-planners are going all the way with this...and it is still only just beginning. Before long, as we have seen done throughout Europe, most recently Greece, they likely will play the "austerity" card here too. That will really 'agitate' the North American-ers" [see post]
NOV17 – OccupyWallStreet To Shutdown Wall Street On International Day of Action

Occupy Wall Street calls for shutdown of Wall Street and NYC subways on the Nov 17th international day of mass non-violent action with over 400 events scheduled nationwide.

BREAKFAST: Shut Down Wall Street – 7:00 a.m.
LUNCH: Occupy The Subways – 3:00 p.m.
DINNER: Take The Square – 5:00 p.m.

At 5 pm, tens of thousands of people will gather at Foley Square (just across from City Hall) in solidarity with laborers demanding jobs to rebuild this country’s infrastructure and economy. A gospel choir and a marching band will also be performing. Afterwards we will march to our bridges.

Resist austerity. Reclaim the economy. Recreate our democracy.
re: austerity

11-17-11 is the two month 'anniversary' of Occupy. 400 events scheduled nationwide, and many more globally according to organizers. Note one thing very interesting. Looking at the poster, it seems that a general theme has been settled on - previously lacking - on which the movement is to be focused. Note specifically the phrase "resist austerity". Austerity, the new word that no one had ever heard of a year or so ago, when the government pretends to be broke and cannot provide services any longer, just so happens to be exactly what the so-called super-committee* is about to do to America beginning next week. As most are aware, 11-23-11 the initial plan is due, the final plan 12-23-11. Perfect timing for agitating Occupy and escalating the chaos, exactly what the NWO-ers want.

Note the other two phrases of the new slogan - reclaim, recreate. The chaos breaks it down, then it can be 'recreated' exactly as the Zionist NWO-ers have planned. Privatized aka 'communitarian'. The intent is to deceive the people into thinking that the new communitarian system is a great thing, and that they have 'reclaimed' autonomy and themselves recreated a better way. They will be greatly disappointed. Communitarianism is totalitarianism. At full development, it will prove to be the 666 kingdom of antichrist. Believe it or not.

Occupy - NWO orchestrated and controlled. Rev. 18:4
*see: Dictatorial "Super Congress" A Reality; And World Government 7-31-11 "The austerity scam, the same one being used throughout Europe, will facilitate the final stages of the transformation of America into the 666 global communitarian Agenda 21 system. This transformation has been underway for years in the USA, but will now be taken to the next level. Government has no funds, as the hustle goes, so local governments/communities will essentially be on their own and must organize and begin to self-manage. As this happens, they will then be wired into a networked global system of public-private partnerships for management, much like a giant corporation.

also: Civil Unrest To Destabilize The USA? "US Day of Rage" Planned For 9-17-11; Have NWO Logos 8-13-11 "the first logo...is clearly a woman riding a beast...which comes straight out of the book of Revelation [Rev. 17:3]. The second logo...is undeniably an 'all-seeing eye'...[see post].
Habakkuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!" [Zionist NWO]

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