Pizza.gov Update: Domino's Launches 'Smart' Pizza

Follow up on: Agenda 21/U.S. Government 'Partners' With Domino's Pizza 1-19-11 "Pizza.gov opens for business...The 'global-management-plan' called Agenda 21 requires a collaboration between governments, industries, and private individuals...with which they intend to then control, govern, and/or manage absolutely everything on the planet." [see post]
Domino's Pizza Launches Domino's Smart Slice School Lunch Pizza Program

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Domino's Pizza (NYSE: DPZ), the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, is striving to be a part of the solution when it comes to promoting healthy, active lifestyles for young people – highlighted by the launch of its Domino's Smart Slice school lunch pizza
Domino's Smart Slice is a white whole-wheat, reduced fat and reduced sodium pizza, which is baked fresh and delivered to schools. Domino's Smart Slice is already being served in more than 120 school districts, and Domino's plans to double that number within the next year.
This comes on the heels of the announcement late last week that the USDA has proposed new federal guidelines for school lunch [see link below*]. Domino's Smart Slice was specifically developed to meet these newly proposed federal guidelines.
Domino's has created solid relationships throughout the country with school nutrition professionals and others who also want to be part of the solution that includes pizza. Domino's partnership with the dairy industry has resulted in insights that supported product innovation.
"Domino's Smart Slice is a fantastic example of industry collaborating with America's dairy producers to develop an innovative solution that nourishes children," said Tom Gallagher, Dairy Management, Inc. CEO.
"The development of Domino's Smart Slice shows how the collaboration among dairy farmers, schools, processors and major food brands like Domino's can result in healthier, flavorful and fresh school food choices for our children," said Cindy Haren, Western Dairy Association CEO, whose organization worked closely with local franchisees and schools to make Domino's Smart Slice a success.
*see: NWO School Food Law Signed 12-14-10 " The "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act", 4.5 billion over ten years, was signed into law 12-13-10 with a tag-team performance by both Obama's. It is a 'communitarian's' dream, allowing the creation of a massive government-controlled network of schools, community groups, farm-school partnerships, partnerships with various state agencies, grants for public and private groups to get involved, other funds for community organizations to provide 'education' with the help of government 'professionals', and much more..."
re: 'healthy'... or...'collaboration'?
This announcement of the 'Smart Slice' launch [1-17-11] actually preceded by two days the announcement that the Federal government would be financing Domino's pizza [1-19-11; see 'follow up' above]. It is interesting to note, according to the above article, that Domino's has already been operating as a collaborative partner with both the schools and dairy farmers, and is already in line with the new "federal guidelines"- making it very easy for the U.S. government to swoop in as the 'Agenda 21 senior partner' and take control of the already huge network, as has just been done.
That it is all about "healthy active lifestyles" for kids and being "part of the solution" is how this is being presented to the public. What a worthy cause right? But the reality is that behind this so-called worthy cause is the globalist scheme that is transforming the very structure of society, and transferring and consolidating the power and the financial control over absolutely everything unto themselves. Dictatorship is what it is. Totalitarian global government under construction. It is what it is.
'Smart' pizza? Well it is partly true - because the slave class now being groomed will need to be healthy if they are to beneficial, i.e. productive slaves, for the '666' world system.
Do you believe bible prophecy? If not you should because you are watching it fulfill. Be aware. Rev. 18:4
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Acts 4:26 'The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together [conspiracy] against the Lord, and against his Christ' [they are 'anti'-Christ]

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