Destabilization: Full-Scale Collapse Of Old-World-Order Has Begun; 'Shiva' Dances

Follow up on: Civil Unrest Topples 'Non-Integrating' Tunisia; Egypt, Algeria, Mauritania Next? 1-17-11 [see post]
Global 'chaos' growing exponentially; Syria Follows Egypt, Shuts Down Internet

Internet Reportedly Down in Syria
On the same day that Egypt has allegedly blocked the Internet, Syria may have made a similar move to silence dissenting voices...According to Arabic-language website Al Arabiya, the country has suspended all of its Internet services.

Anti-government protest in Albania
TENS of thousands of demonstrators have started a silent protest in the Albanian capital Tirana, a week to the day after clashes during an opposition rally killed three.

Thousands protest in Jordan
Thousands of people in Jordan have taken to the streets in protests, demanding the country's prime minister step down, and the government curb rising prices, inflation and unemployment.

Thousands in Yemen Protest Against the Government
Yemen, one of the Middle East’s most impoverished countries and a haven for Al Qaeda militants, became the latest Arab state to witness mass protests on Thursday, as thousands of Yemenis took to the streets in the capital and other regions to demand a change in government.

Egypt protests: change is coming, says Mohammed ElBaradei
The Egyptian opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei, tonight predicted change within "the next few days" as western leaders pointedly declined to throw their support behind the country's embattled president, Hosni Mubarak...Underlining international concern about the continuing crisis in the Arab world's largest country, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said she wanted Egyptians to have a chance to chart a new future. But she added pointedly: "It's not a question of who retains power. It's how are we going to respond to the legitimate needs and grievances expressed by the Egyptian people."
The big dance is on
Destabilizing the globe through induced 'civil unrest'. Unstable things are easily toppled. Therein is the method to the madness. Europe has been ongoing for a few months, the program has now been jump-started in North Africa and the Middle East. America slated for the same (see: 'Ron Paul' below). There can never be a new-world-order until the old-world-order has been destroyed. It is just that simple. Collapsing governments and taking them over, one by one. With these less powerful countries, by the oldest method in the book - the 'strongarm'. Everything is thrown into turmoil and the new-order is then forced on the populations. Some of the governments [Egypt] are most likely complicit.
It is also very transparent. Shutting down the internet as the last source of unfiltered information is obviously included on the to-do list. Egypt and Syria have got that ball rolling, blaming the social networks. This little exercise in shutting down the internet could lead to a move for a 'global authority' for the internet, under the guise of 'protecting' the people. The end result of that would be the most authoritarian Big Brother scenario imaginable.
At any rate, ordo ab chao - 'order out of chaos' is overtaking the globe, and it is happening so fast that it is now coming as a sort of "perfect storm". So perfect that the only way it could really be explained is to admit of choreography. It has been choreographed - for the 'big dance' i.e. the full-scale collapse of the 'old-world-order.'
The dance has started. The news is not good but it must be processed. Rev. 18:4

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"The fourth beast shall devour the earth...[and]...ten kings shall arise" Dan. 7:23-24 [bible prophecy: here]


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Full Spectrum Dominance -
Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order
by F. William Engdahl

Well documented and bibliographed piece of work. Same subject

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The world is still in His hands.

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