Delta, American Airlines Leading The Charge For The NWO Takedown Of The Air Travel Industry

Follow up on: U.S. Antitrust Restriction Removed; American Airlines Creates International 5-Airline 'Alliance' 2-13-10 "American Airlines, the second-largest U.S. carrier, and British Airways, Europe’s third-biggest, may jointly price, market and schedule international flights in their Oneworld alliance without fear of antitrust prosecution, the U.S. Transportation Department said today." [see post]
Delta, American airlines pull fares off some travel sites

Travelers wanting to book a flight online will find fewer options now that two of the nation's biggest airlines have stripped their fares from some travel sites.
Those looking to fly on American can no longer book trips on Orbitz as of Dec. 21, while Delta stopped allowing three websites — CheapOAir.com, OneTravel.com, and BookIt.com — to list its flights after Dec. 17
It's a move that more airlines may follow in an effort to cut costs, promote their brand and increase their ability to sell aspects of the travel experience that bolster the bottom line, some travel experts say. But some industry observers worry that the winnowing of booking outlets could ultimately make it harder for consumers to find the best deal.
re: fewer options...more airlines may follow

The 'freedom to travel squeeze' is on, it will continue, and it's never going to be the same again.
That's a hard reality, but it is reality. As here with the major carriers suddenly now restricting where tickets can be purchased. "Fewer options" will translate directly into higher fares, which in turn will then become restrictively high as "more airlines" follow suit.
As the airlines continue to consolidate into a tightly controlled global-network, from there it devolves into needing 'permission' to fly at all for the global slave class in the Cabalist/synagogue-of-Satan kingdom of darkness now enveloping the planet. And that is exactly what it is, believe it or not.
This is very significant - a very big deal, regardless of the 'positive spin' the airlines are putting on it i.e. "promote their brand". Bottom line it is the beginning of the end of the 'right to fly'. The phase out is on. Be aware. Rev. 18:4
compare: United, Continental To Merge, Form NWO Airlines 5-2-10 "United Airlines and Continental Airlines agreed Sunday to a $3 billion merger that will create the world’s biggest airline, people familiar with the discussions said...The combination would jump ahead of Delta Air Lines, which became the top airline after its purchase of Northwest Airlines two years ago."
1John 1:5 'This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all'

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