NFL Joins NWO 'Paradigm Shift' Against Free Speech

Follow up on: NWO Full-Frontal Against Free Speech Is On: 1-13-11 "It is the 'Tucson paradigm shift' [here]"
Report: NFL warns about trash talk

National Football League officials contacted several teams this week to warn them that the rash of recent trash talk in the media has no place on the field, Newsday reported Saturday.
A league source told the paper Ray Anderson, the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations, contacted some teams to remind them that their actions in games must not cross the line. That comes in the wake of considerable verbal rumbles, particularly between the New York Jets and New England Patriots.
The source said Anderson told teams “trash talk and bravado is expected to stay outside the white lines” and he emphasized that if “any illegal physical acts take place, the comments will be taken into account in evaluating disciplinary action.”
re: "not cross the line...comments will be taken into account"

Overnight everything has changed. Suddenly "verbal rumbles" will now draw warnings. Comments are to be weighed. Whatever might be said must now first be questioned. Incredible to see how this all came about from (made possible by) the 'Tucson incident'.

This NFL "trash talk" drama came to a head when one player reportedly threatened a player from another team with something along the lines of ending his days in a uniform. Whether or not the NFL players are reading from a script who can say, but the timing here is strangely perfect for advancing the anti-free-speech NWO agenda. No doubt this will be played up real big during the televised broadcasts throughout the NFL playoffs. Most will never even notice that they are being indoctrinated into the new 'paradigm' of controlled speech where the "line" is not to be crossed.

All the rules have already changed. It is the 'Tucson paradigm-shift' in action. Take note. Rev. 18:4
Ps 46:6 The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted.

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