CA Homosexual Psuedo-Marriage And The Global Agenda: Manhattan Declaration 'Leaders' Call To Mobilize In Opposition

Remember the 'Manhattan Declaration'? It's baaaack...
Update on: The Manhattan 'Deception' And One World Religion: Movement Invites Mormons, Jews, Non-religious to Join 1-8-10 "It is now more evident than ever that the Manhattan Declaration movement is undeniably just another part of the manipulative process of merging the world's religions for global management purposes, i.e. one world government/religion. The real goal here, along with other movements such as 'Purpose Driven' and 'One', is to facilitate this world religion merge, which is to be accomplished under the guise of joining hands for social causes." [see post]
We Can Still Win This Thing: The Court and Public Opinion
Chuck Colson

I've spent the days following the ruling in the proposition 8 case, praying, reading, and thinking. My first reaction was, "Our worst nightmare has come true." A federal judge declaring that the "ability to marry" is a fundamental right that cannot be denied to gays and lesbians. What nonsense.
Folks, there is still hope-but only if we get to work now. The issue is far from settled. The next stop is the Ninth Circuit, the most liberal court in America, where it likely will be affirmed. But then it's on to the Supreme Court.
And the polls show that the American people still do not accept gay marriage. That matters because the Court is reluctant to go against strong public opinion to the contrary.
So, can we win this in the court of public opinion? Yes we can! If the polls show a year from now when this case makes its way to the Supreme Court that the public is against gay marriage, we will win. And this decision in California this week could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.
But for that to happen, we have got to mobilize. That means educating ourselves and informing our neighbors. That means getting active in our churches. And you can go to the Manhattan Declaration.org website and sign on, as 460,000 people already have. Tell everyone you know about the website. And send them there as well for information on what we can do to mobilize. And get ready for a campaign of prayer and fasting coming up this fall.
Enough of saying to ourselves let somebody else do it: We've got to wake up and get busy. Not only traditional marriage, but our religious and personal liberties depend on it.
re: "we have got to mobilize"
Turning out to be more than meets the eye, the homosexual pseudo-marriage agenda is proving to be a master-stroke in the devious scheme to create the desired micromanaged global society. One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of this delusional-utopia has always been the lack of a 'harmonious' working relationship between different "faith traditions" (globalspeak) of the earth's people groups. If only a way could be found to get them to overlook their differences and come together....
With that thought, the perfect timing by the architects-of-global-transformation in introducing this religion-merging document less than a year ago [11-'09 here] has now become very apparent. At the exact moment when so-called gay marriage has taken a judicial end-run around the will-of-the-people...the 'Manhattan Declaration-ites' are already signed up and ready to be "mobilized" for marching in the streets. Exactly as the global strategists have planned.
In addition to religion-merging through the use of the oldest trick in the book - joining hands to fight the 'common enemy', this whole scheme is also designed to serve a second purpose - instigating 'civil unrest'. Creating scenarios for 'unrest' is necessary to further prepare people for the 'Revolution' which the NWO-ers have planned for this country - to first disrupt the staus quo and then completely dismantle it [here] .

The ink is barely dry on the CA judge's rubber stamp of the gay-global agenda. Christian-Catholic line-blurrer par excellence Chuck Colson is rallying the Declaration's claimed 466,000+ signee's with the false hope that they can potentially stop this runaway global-gay freight train. Things are just warming up...stay tuned. Rev 18:4

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Proverbs 4:5 'Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not' (get it only from the Bible)

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