'Non-Integrating' Pakistan Continues to Experience 'Chaos'

Two articles providing some insight on the situation in the "non-integrating gap" country of Pakistan:
Pakistan orders nearly half-a-million to evacuate

HYDERABAD, PAKISTAN -- Pakistan ordered nearly half-a-million people to evacuate towns on Thursday as rising floods threaten further havoc in a country straining to cope with its worst humanitarian disaster.
The catastrophe has already affected more than 17 million people and left 8 million dependent on aid to survive.
In the southern province of Sindh, where the floods have washed away huge swathes of the rich farmland on which Pakistan’s struggling economy depends, a senior administration official warned that fresh floods threaten three towns. “We have warned people of Sujawal, Mirpur Bathoro and Daro towns to leave for safer places in view of possible flooding there,” Hadi Bakhsh Kalhoro, the senior official in Thatta district, told AFP.“Sujawal, Mirpur Bathoro and Daro towns have an approximate population of 400,000,” he said.
Thatta district administrator Manzoor Sheikh told AFP that some 100,000 people were on the move for safety Thursday. “My estimate is there were 100,000 people moving just today toward safer places, and the movement of people was still continuing,” Sheikh said.
Flood Devastated Pakistan Warned Is "Ripe For Coup"

The government in Islamabad is floundering and ripe for a coup – if anyone wanted to launch one, says Con Coughlin.
If ever a country were ripe for a coup, it is Pakistan.
Now, following the widespread devastation unleashed by the floods, the President finds himself the subject of bitter criticism at home as well. It began with his ill-considered decision to continue with his tour of France and Britain earlier this month as the crisis deepened, when he visited his elegant chateau and made arrangements to launch the political career of his 21-year-old son, Bilawal Zardari Bhutto. Now his opponents are directing their ire at the government's inept response to the wider crisis caused by the floods.
In a country where most of the agricultural wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few feudal landlords, the misery being experienced by millions of dispossessed and impoverished citizens is inevitably going to stoke the fires of dissent. Atlaf Hussain, the exiled leader of the Muttahuda Quami Movement, articulated the suspicions of many Pakistanis when he accused some landlords of deliberately diverting the waters to neighbouring villages in order to protect their own crops and livestock. He is now demanding a French Revolution-style redistribution of land among the masses, and has issued a call to "patriotic generals" to fulfil their duty by establishing martial law.
...the government's handling of the crisis has revived perceptions that the country's political elite is interested only in taking care of its own interests, rather than those of the people its members have been elected to serve.
Extreme measures will be required to rebuild large swathes of the country once the waters have receded – but building the effective and inclusive government that Pakistan deserves will be an even greater challenge.
re: "building...effective...inclusive government"

In the eyes of the globalists, Pakistan is another member of the "non-integrating gap" countries, i.e. those that are, for one reason or another, resisting absorption by the NWO, and as such, have basically been slated to undergo what the globalists like to call a "regime change". Simply put, this means a takeover of the country. The only question is how exactly, in each particular situation, will this be accomplished. How will they get in is the problem that must be solved.

As the two (excerpted) articles above show, the country of Pakistan has been devastated, and according to the author of the second article, is "ripe for a coup". A "regime change" in other words. Interesting to note also in the same article the claim made of some "landlords" who are *"deliberately diverting the waters".
The human toll in Pakistan is unimaginable. Apart from this, it is also very interesting to observe that 'suddenly'...a situation has arisen whereby "extreme measures" will be necessary to "rebuild" much of Pakistan, while at the same time creating the perception that a "regime change" may also be necessary. Exactly what the globalists needed.
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*water diversion? see: 'Another' levee breach threatens south Pakistan city 8-27-10 AP
'The fourth beast shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces' (Dan. 7:23)

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