H.R. 3534 - The 'CLEAR Act': Globalists Push Onerous 'Oil Spill' Response Bill Through House

Two articles posted here as a follow up on: Gulf Of Mexico 'Oil Chaos' Planned? 6-5-10 "'Reid calls for sweeping energy bill'...largely in response to the situation in the gulf" [see post]
CLEAR Act clears House
The acronym CLEAR could become as familiar in the offshore drilling market as OPA 90 is in marine oil transportation. Unless, of course, it falters in the Senate
H.R. 3534, the Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources Act of 2010 -- the CLEAR Act -- passed the House on July 30 by a vote of 209-193, with one voting present.
...a hefty and far reaching legislative response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
H.R. 3534 incorporates H.R. 5629, the Oil Spill Accountability and Environmental Protection Act of 2010, which the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee reported on a bipartisan basis on July 1, 2010. It also incorporates key elements of H.R. 5626, the Blowout Prevention Act of 2010 reported by the Committee on Energy and Commerce by a bipartisan vote of 48 to 0, with one abstention, on July 15, 2010.
The CLEAR Act has attracted some sharp criticism.
...the measure is going to disadvantage and close down many small businesses because it fails to base liability limits on risk and instead completely repeals the cap, no matter the circumstances. Shallow water wells will be subject to the same liability requirements as wells drilled in waters of 5,000 feet or more. Smaller American drilling companies will subsequently find it difficult, if not impossible, to afford liability insurance and compete with BP and the other large multi-national companies."
"The bill's ill-conceived liability provision is particularly damaging. Insurance underwriters have highlighted the near impossibility of writing policies that can account for this onerous standard. Independent operators, who will be unable to meet this requirement, will be forced to exit the shallow water Gulf of Mexico.
He [Burt Adams, Chairman of the National Ocean Industries Association] called the legislation "truly death by a thousand cuts," citing unlimited liability, unsubstantiated standards of financial responsibility, a $2 per barrel tax on oil to fund unrelated programs, mandating a technical fix for blow out preventers before knowing the cause of the accident, and the addition of myriads of reviews and clearances.
And this second article, revealing more of the sinister specifics:
If you liked CARA, Eminent Domain or Condemnation of private land, you’ll love the new Multi-Billion Dollar Land Acquisition Trust Fund being rushed through Congress by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the House call it the CLEAR Act. We call it the Clear Out Of Rural America Act (CORA). In the Senate it will be Senator Harry Reid’s Energy bill that will contain the giant multi Billion Dollar Land and Water Conservation Trust Fund [LWCF].
-----And now Harry Reid brags that he is going to include a Multi-Billion Dollar LWCF Land Grab in his Energy Bill and force the Senate to pass it before the August recess.
It’s a Monster $1 billion per year automatic off budget land acquisition trust fund attached to HR 3534 in the House, called The Consolidated Land, Energy, And Aquatic Resources Act of 2010 otherwise known as the Clear Act
-----The Clear Act and Harry Reid Energy Bill both use the Gulf oil spill tragedy as a tool to make changes to the collection of royalties, creates a commercial leasing program for wind and solar on federal lands and waters, establishes direct automatic funding of over a billion dollars for the Land And Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), Historic Preservation, and a new Ocean Conservation Fund.
These will end up being permanent Trust Funds that will guarantee huge amounts of money for land acquisition, condemnation and other uses. They will undermine local communities, destroy local economies, severely damage small business, cost thousands of jobs, force rural families into the cities and generally destroy rural America .
They are hiding a wish list of land acquisition measures behind the guise of addressing the oil spill. And they are playing hide and seek with you to keep you from knowing exactly what is going on.
-----The Clear Out Of Rural America Act will destroy more private property than any legislation in history. No inholder will be safe anywhere near a National Park, National Forest, Wildlife Refuge, National Trail, National Seashore, National Recreation Area, National Scenic Area and many more. The Clear Out Of Rural America will create an incentive to pass more laws in Congress using eminent domain and condemnation creating: [see full article at title link]
re: "...a hefty and far reaching legislative response...destroy more private property than any legislation in history"
Along with the mysteriously vanishing oil, as the Bureau of Propaganda's official storyline now goes, the Gulf waters are not the only thing turning up "CLEAR" these days. All the speculation as to where the NWO-ers were going with this latest ordo-ab-chao hoax has also now been made clear. Using the oil-less 'oil spill' as the justification to proceed, a slew of new regulations are being jammed through the globalist-controlled U.S. Congress. These comprehensive regulations - "death by a thousand cuts", to quote Burt Adams, Chairman of the National Ocean Industries Association [first article above], set in motion the globalist-Federal government takeover of the oil industry and land-use issues nationwide.
Spearheaded by Nancy Pelosi, in times past aka "the queen of Agenda 21", the 'CLEAR Act' sailed through the House of Representatives last night, 7-30-10. Reid has sworn to to attach his massive land-grabbing "Land and Water Conservation Trust Fund" [LWCF] to the Senate version and force it through the Senate before the August recess. [see 'follow up' link at top].
Like the takeover of the U.S. financial industry just two weeks ago [here], and the recent takeover of the U.S. medical industry aka "health reform", this too is a major move by the self-deluded would-be global elite. And, when it is understood that two vital components of their evil totalitarian scheme to control the planet are to do away with oil and private ownership of land [here] , it all becomes crystal 'clear' - Osama Bin Lyin again.
Biblically foretold Antichrist one-world government? The stage is being readied - believe it or not.
and: Hoax Protection? Public Denied Access To 'Oil Spill' Areas 7-3-10

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'The fourth beast shall...devour the whole earth' Daniel 7:23

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