NWO's TSA Starts New Search Method, Says "Don't Like Naked Scanners, Maybe You'll Like This - A Full Body Grope"

Here was one of the first reports on the new TSA 'grope search':
New Logan searches blasted 10-21-10 "A TSA spokeswoman yesterday confirmed the switch to what the agency calls an “enhanced patdown"...Previously, TSA screeners used patdown motions of their hands to search passengers over their clothes, switching to the backs of their hands over certain ’sensitive’ body areas, such as the torso....But now the searches will be done using all front-of-the-hand sliding motions over greater areas of passengers’ bodies, including sensitive areas...Boston is one of only two cities in which the new touchy-feely frisking is being implemented as a test before a planned national rollout. The other is Las Vegas."
Update from same source, 3 days later: Passengers shocked by new touchy-feely TSA screening 10-24-10
Airline passengers from coast to coast are decrying the Transportation Security Administration’s more aggressive body searches, calling screeners’ new front-of-the-hand, slide-down technique not only invasive but an example of Big Brother run amok.
Rob Webster said he was subjected to a head-to-toe body search that “did not miss an inch” and even included a “probing and pushing” of his genital area when flying home from Las Vegas to Seattle last week.
“If anybody ever groped me like that in real life, I would have punched them in their nose,” the 50-year-old said. “It was extremely invasive. This was a very probing-type touching - not just patting over all your areas, but actually probing and pushing and seeing if I was concealing something in my genital area.”
Webster was subjected to the body search at McCarran-Las Vegas International Airport after he opted not to walk through a full-body scanner.
The TSA says it’s fielded “very few” formal complaints about the new search techniques - which have raised red flags among civil liberties advocates including the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts - and will continue to use them.
As first reported by the Herald on Saturday, the TSA has started doing the new body searches at Boston’s Logan International Airport and McCarren in advance of a national rollout.
Danielle Riendeau, an online communications coordinator for the ACLU of Massachusetts, also experienced one of the new body searches after she, too, opted not to walk through a full-body scanner when flying out of Logan.

“Two female TSA screeners took me aside, and it was almost like a medical procedure the way the doctor will explain how they’re going to touch you before they touch you,” Riendeau said.

The TSA screeners used the palms of their hands to search her face, hair, torso and directly underneath and between her breasts, she said.
re: Big Brother psycho double speak - "enhanced patdown"

This is what it's come to - opt out of a naked scan?...then prepare for an "enhanced patdown". Boston and Vegas for now, a "national rollout" shortly.

If you will remember, 'Scanner-Scam' was enabled by another one of the endless NWO Bureau of Propaganda hoaxes - the fake Christmas-day '09 so-called "undie bomber":

Scripted Plane Incident Used As Pretext For NWO Internationally Coordinated Air Travel 'Security' System 1-1-10 "Do not forget for one minute that the 'global citizens' of the future will have absolutely no rights to come and go as they please in the micromanaged 'brave new world' being constructed for them. They will be owned like property and treated as such." [see post]

Which does not bode well when considering what these Cabalistic NWO monsters with their delusions of global empire-dom may have up their sleeves for a future date with regard to another likewise-fake 'terror' scam, which, you may also remember, was play-acted just a few months ago: Fake Times Square Bumbler-Bomber Used To Brainwash Americans, Implement Police State 5-9-10 [i.e. 'suicide bombers' in US - see post]

It does not bode well...fyi
compare: TSA Announces Strip-Searches At U.S. Airports to Be "Mandatory" 3-21-10 "And again...you ain't seen nuthin' yet. The next phase of 'Brave New World' population management techniques are right around the corner, and, we are being told, will be utilizing "behavioral and physiological screening technologies". [see post]
Luke 12:40 Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.

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