Ukraine Update: NWO Takeover

Follow up on: Ukraine 'New Virus'/Quarantine Update: Reports Of Spraying Over Ukraine Cities Coming In 10-31-09 (see post)
update; 11-01-09, 3:45 PM PST. MIGnews (Russia)

"Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko announced all events are canceled in connection with epidemic of swine flu in Ukraine. The matter is about pre-election tour of Yulia Tymoshenko "With Ukraine in the heart", and about the rally, which was planned by President of UkraineViktor Yushchenko to hold on Sunday, November 1.
Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevych confirmed information about limitation of border crossing of Regions of Ukraine.
Epidemic of flu in the Western Ukraine can be used as a pretext for imposing a state of emergency and breakdown of the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy Director of the Situations Modeling Agency Oleksiy Holobutsky.
- A new virus A/H1N1 infects the lungs directly, causing severe respiratory failure more frequently among young people under the age of 25. [English translation of Russian text]
Little to no 'new' news coming out of Ukraine today. While it may be almost too hard to believe (for some) that the Ukraine cities could actually have been sprayed, as alleged yesterday, what is interesting to note; in addition to what is already known about the quarantines and the so-called "new virus H1N1", which had to have come out of nowhere, btw; is that it now appears that the upcoming presidential elections will be 'postponed'.
Note: Totalitarian societies have no elections...they are under military control.
What are the chances of things ever going back to normal in the Ukraine? Prediction: Zero.
see also: Ukraine Quarantine, Claims 'Unknown Virus' 10-30-09
and: UK Labels Vaccine Resistors As "Extremists" 10-30-09 "(introduced bio-agents at some point are another topic)"
and: Swine Flu Scam: A New Twist Around Every Corner 10-21-09 "In fact, it is quite possible that one of these days the new story going out to all the world may be... dum da da dum ...that the 'virus' has mutated and has become extremely virulent...or something along these lines."
Micah 3:10 They build up Zion with blood

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