History In The Making - Continental Congress Convenes To 'Hold Government Accountable' November 11-22 '09

Started 11-11 ('09) for 11 days? [as a reader pointed out] SAY WHAT? Next phase of the take down of America - instigated 'civil unrest'?
Historic Continental Congress 2009 Convenes
Wednesday, November 11, 2009 may one day be known as the day the American People convened, for the first time in over two centuries, an Assembly of representatives of the People in order to fully exercise of the “Capstone Right” — i.e., the Petition clause of the First Amendment.
At approximately 3:00 pm Wednesday, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz convened the Assembly to begin the selection of Congress officers from the ranks of elected Delegates who will preside over the 11-day long Assembly. Constitutional scholar and former Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik was selected as the presiding officer of the Congress while Delegate.
Although the public has known little about the history or nature of the Right to Petition, scholarly and historical research has established without argument, that the Right, first articulated as the cornerstone of Western Law in Magna Carta (1215), provides the People an individual Right to hold Government peacefully accountable for its abuses.
Far beyond the right to merely send “complaints” to the government (which are virtually ignored by all officials), the Right of Petition embodies the profound Right to enforce the Right to Petition by withdrawing support from the Government until Redress is secured.
The agenda for the CC2009 Assembly also provides for the development and adoption of formal “Remedial Instructions” to be served upon federal and state officials, in essence ordering them to cease and desist their official abuses and giving them formal Notice as to the “Civic Actions” of (peaceful) resistance the People may take, en masse, if those officials, yet again, choose to ignore the People’s Petitions for Redress
update 11-13-09: Continental Congress aims to shift power back to the people: "Continental Congress 2009 is now in session...From Nov. 11 to Nov. 22, the delegates are creating a clear and resounding plan to hold government officials accountable to our U.S. Constitution...Live web-streaming of these historic sessions can be seen daily beginning at 8 a.m. on http://www.givemeliberty.org/."
re: 'civic actions of (peaceful) resistance'
"The American people have convened...for the first time in over two centuries"
Something very significant is happening here, but what is it really, and who is behind it? It is being called "Continental Congress 2009", and is now into the third day, having started 11-11 and running up until 11-22. The expressed intent is the "development and adoption of formal 'Remedial Instructions' to be served upon federal and state officials...and giving them formal 'Notice as to the "Civic Actions" of (peaceful) resistance the people may take...en masse'"...if said petitions are ignored (which of course they will be).
By all appearances, it looks like some very real groundwork is being laid for future confrontation between the people of this country and the cold-blooded NWO-er's, they being the guilty party in the demolition job now being done on America. The real-world problem with this is that 'civil unrest' greatly serves the purposes of the NWO (so-called). How better to further destabilize the existing order than to begin to instigate widespread civil unrest and then come in with the iron fist? Never forget, it's always 'ordo ab chao', i.e. order out of chaos.
It is also very interesting that on 11-22-09, the final day of 'Continental Congress 2009', the Ron Paul "End the Fed" campaign has 'peaceful protests' planned in 38 cities across the nation. Coincidence? see: NWO 'End The Fed' Scam To Take To The Streets 11-22-09 10-8-09 [see video]
Controlling both sides. That is the name of the game. Be aware, and buckle up, because the stage is being set, and there is definite turbulence ahead.
compare: 9-12-09 "Anti-Government" Rally At U.S. Capitol: Glenn Beck, Revolution, and The NWO; pt. II
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