NWO Unveiling 'Mutating H1n1' Strategy: Two U.S. States Now Reporting 'Ukraine-Like' Symptoms

Has the Ukraine swine flu mutation spread to the United States?
A county medical examiner in Iowa has come forward to inform the public of the results of autopsies that point to bleeding in the lungs, just as in the fatal cases in the Ukraine and Norway.

H1N1 mutations have been identified around the world, including Brazil, China [see second item on timeline below], the United Kingdom, Norway, the Ukraine, and here in the United States.

also: H1N1 Deaths in North Carolina getting attention from federal health officials
Swine 'o9 Phase II

Taking the agenda to facilitate implementation of worldwide draconian controls to the next level, ala the 'tame version' of so-called H1n1 becoming ferocious. This will open the door for a whole new level of 'solutions', just as planned. Problem-reaction-solution is how the NWO operates. You are an eyewitness to it.
These are just the first itty bitty little signals of the much bigger agenda that is coming down the road for the U.S. as the NWO launches 'Swine '09' phase II. Note the timeline below. The agenda is being steadily advanced, regardless of how things may appear from day to day. Still less than seven months since this fake-pandemic was begun, and just gauging from how far it has been taken in that short of a time frame - where will it be in another six months? That is not a pleasant thought.
There is no tomorrow, the self-deluded, self-appointed god-men are making their move today. This point must be clearly grasped. The pandemic scam is not going away. It has proven to be an integral part of the deadly game to seize absolute control of the planet, being played by the utterly wicked self-chosen 'kings of the earth' - and it is on...big time. Be wide awake. Rev. 18:4
Here is an updated timeline of key developments of the 'Swine '09' NWO takeover. Chart the very-methodical progression. Today's story goes in the top slot.

Two U.S. States Now Reporting 'Ukraine-Like' Symptoms 11-25-09
China reports mutated swine flu virus 11-25-09
Poland Reporting 'Ukraine-Like' Symptoms 11-19-09
Canada Reporting Deadly Swine-Surge 11-17-09
Serbia Declares 'Swine' Emergency; Changes Laws 11-11-09
Ukraine Update 11-03: Shutting Down The Country 11-3-09
Ukraine Begins 'Quarantines', Claims Mutated/'Unknown Virus' 10-30-09
2nd State, New York, Declares Swine 'Emergency' 10-29-09
Swine 'U.S. National Emergency' Declared 10-24-09
WHO Extends Pandemic Scam Indefinitely 10-9-09
Belgium Claims Dictatorial Pandemic Power 9-22-09 9-22-09
China Kicks Off The H1N1 'Inject the World' Agenda 9-21-09
1st State, Maine, Declares H1N1 "Civil Emergency" 9-3-09
1st Global Swine Flu Conference (8-'09) And Global Government 8-6-09
WHO: Pandemic Declaration Pending 6-7-09
NBC: "Massive Public Campaign" Coming For Swine Flu Vaccine 5-25-09
(first report:) Global Government Taking Giant Step Because Of Possible Scamdem...um...'Pandemic' 4-26-09
Psalms 94:6-7 'They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless. Yet they say, The LORD shall not see...'

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