11-20-09; Canada, Poland, Now Norway Reporting 'Mutated' Bogus-Swine

Norwegian scientists detect mutated form of swine flu

Scientists in Norway announced Friday they had detected a mutated form of the swine flu virus in two patients who died of the flu and a third who was severely ill, the most recent report of mutations in the virus that are being watched closely for any change that could make it more dangerous.
In a statement, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said the mutation "could possibly make the virus more prone to infect deeper in the airways and thus cause more severe disease," such as pneumonia.
Obviously reading from the same script, Norway is now the third country in the last three days, singing in perfect harmony, pre-conditioning the populations of the world for phase II of 'Swine '09'...that is that the the bogus-flu monster is actually a 'transformer'. Note also that these three countries, Norway, Poland, and Canada, are from widely separated geographic regions. All the world is being horribly set-up for further destruction. Rough water ahead. Rev. 18:4
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