Hawaii Governor Lingle Names National Guard To Administer Vaccines

Say what? National Guard? Recently, when speaking about the state of Hawaii's free vaccination program for schools, Hawaii governor Linda Lingle made these curious remarks [the article is from three weeks ago - due to the claimed 'vaccine shortage', as of today 11-5-09, no further information has been given as to when this is supposed to happen - it's a secret!]:

Hawaii: National Guard To Administer Vaccines? 10-14-09

The school vaccination clinics are being provided by the state Department of Health in collaboration with numerous public and private schools, as well as health care providers and community partner groups.

Eventually, she said, the Department of Health and the Hawai'i National Guard would be administering swine flu vaccine to the general public statewide.

"It's not just going to be children, or course," Lingle said. "It will be everybody."
re: collaboration
"Collaboration" is always a keyword. This collaboration is always between government, "community partner groups" (can be non-profits or 'faith groups'), and the private business sector (private schools and 'health care providers' in this case). These are the so-called 'three legs of the stool' which must be "partnered" for the new-world-order system of governance being implemented. In short, the community groups and private business sectors are in essence brought under the control and direction of the biggest and strongest member of the partnership - government. It is a complete and total sham. Another aspect is the intertwining of government and military, as here with the National Guard, blurring the lines between the two, creating a monolithic system of Big Brother authority. Not okay.
What does or does not happen in Copenhagen next month [12-'09] is not critical, as it is being made out to be. Whether people understand it or not, "collaboration" IS the world government system. It is not 'coming', it is here. This system is already being implemented in every state/city/and community, not only in this our 'homeland', but in every country across the globe as well. It is the 'global management system' called communitarianism, aka Agenda 21.
At any rate, Hawaii residents (i41)...take special note. Rev. 18:4

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