Bilderbergers Install "Grey Mouse" As First Permanent EU Titular King

The world will never be the same again...
Update on: EU 'President' Expected To Be Announced Thursday 11-19-09 11-17-09 "They do not want a "presidential figure with the stature of a world leader". Translated, that means that the Zionists do not want anybody who might steal some of the limelight from their boy...umm...what his name...umm...the guy who is supposed to be from Hawaii...umm...yeah him."
Belgian PM named as EU president
He is camera-shy, a man who some refer to as the "grey mouse"

EU leaders have chosen the Belgian Prime Minister, Herman van Rompuy, to be the first permanent European Council President.

EU leaders met in Brussels especially to select their first full-time president and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs - new posts created by the Lisbon Treaty, which will come into force on 1 December.

re: 'grey mouse'

The deed is done. The 27 nations of Europe have been irreversibly homogenized, which is to say, devoured by the NWO 'beast'. These are very dramatic world changing events, but the self-anointed global elite, true to their word [see 'update' post above], chose the "camera shy...grey mouse" for the top position, and the deal has been cinched with very little fanfare.

Looks like "the guy who is supposed to be from Hawaii" will not have to worry about sharing the spotlight on the world stage. The grey mouse will be hiding in the background. It is very difficult to pull off the fake antichrist bit when you have to compete with another big name for the headlines.
As to the 'Bilderberger' reference, see this post from earlier today: Powers of Darkness Behind The Scenes: EU 27 Non-Nation Dictatorship And Appointed Figureheads 11-19-09

Note also what else is going on in Belgium: Belgium Claims Dictatorial Pandemic Power 9-22-09

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