Manifesto Madness: Laodicean Christendom And Catholics Uniting, Pushing NWO Strategy For 'Civil Unrest'

Religious Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience if Laws Don’t Respect Faith

A formidable coalition of 150 Catholic, Orthodox and evangelical leaders are calling on Christians in a new manifesto to reject secular authority – and even engage in civil disobedience – if laws force them to accept abortion, same-sex marriage and other ideas that betray their religious beliefs.

On Friday, these leaders released a 4,700-word documentcalled the "The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience."

The document was signed by leaders ranging from evangelical leader Chuck Colson to two of the leading Catholic prelates in the U.S., Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. and Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, and calls on Christians to engage in civil disobedience to defend their doctrines.

"We are Orthodox, Catholic, and evangelical Christians who have united at this hour to reaffirm fundamental truths about justice and the common good, and to call upon our fellow citizens, believers and non-believers alike, to join us in defending them," says the declaration, which was drafted by Colson, an evangelical, and Princeton University professor Robert P. George, a Roman Catholic.

"Because we honor justice and the common good," it states, "we will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide or euthanasia or any other anti-life act; nor will we bend to any rule purporting to force us to bless immoral sexual partnerships, treat them as marriages or the equivalent, or refrain from proclaiming the truth, as we know it, about morality and immorality and marriage and the family."

George and other signers backed off from specifically defining what civil disobedience may entail. Wuerl's office played down the civil disobedience wording, saying he wasn't urging Catholics to "do anything specific," his spokeswoman Susan Gibbs told The Washington Post. "That wasn't something we had talked about."

The leaders are urging the public to sign the online document.

re: 'new manifesto' madness, uniting religions
The call for civil disobedience is coming from every side, including the now-uniting religious world with their new 'manifesto'. This is truly a proverbial killing of two birds with one stone - a chance to further the NWO-mandated merging of religions, and preparation for instigation of chaos, aka 'civil unrest', all at the same time.
Ron Paul's "End the Fed" groups are in the streets today, protesting nationwide [see: NWO 'End The Fed' Scam To Take To The Streets 11-22-09]. They may very well be the 'advance guard' of NWO team chaos. Last week's 'Continental Congress 2009' have now prepared, as of today, a "formal Notice as to the “Civic Actions” of (peaceful) resistance" [see link below], which they plan to deliver to the U.S. Government - another 'manifesto' for civil disobedience. Big question here in regard to all this current and pending civil disobedience: Cui bono [who benefits]?
The tyrannical designs of the global would-be monarchs alone will benefit through the disruption of the status quo, unfortunately. The existing order must be destroyed before the 'new' order can replace it.
The NWO strategists are 'taking it to the streets'. Do not be caught up in the scam, and be aware, because this disruption of society phase is a clear indication of just how late in the NWO game it is. Rev. 18:4
compare: History In The Making - Continental Congress Convenes To 'Hold Government Accountable' November 11-22 '09 "The real-world problem with this is that 'civil unrest' greatly serves the purposes of the NWO (so-called). How better to further destabilize the existing order than to begin to instigate widespread civil unrest and then come in with the iron fist? Never forget, it's always 'ordo ab chao', i.e. order out of chaos." [see post, follow links, connect dots]
Romans 13:13 'Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying' (cf. Rom. 13:12)


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Tom M.,

Spot on analysis! Thank you for being a 'lone wolf' of sorts when it comes to this issue being discussed (debated really) in various Christian circles. I'm definitely going to reference this in my next piece that will be published later this evening. Keep up the great work! God bless.

Saved By Grace Through Faith,

Jeff (JRed)
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Thanks for taking a moment to write your encouraging comment. It is appreciated.

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