'Climate Change' Scam Designed To Strip Personal Liberties

Two related articles, first one from the US, second from the UK
Federal oversight of light rail and subways proposed
The proposal would affect every subway and light-rail system in the country, including large systems in Washington, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Administration officials said they are responding to a growing number of collisions, derailments and worker fatalities on subways -- and in particular to the fatal June 22 crash on Metro's Red Line and failures in oversight that have surfaced in its wake. Those failures have been the subject of an ongoing investigative series in The Washington Post.
The Federal Transit Administration would assume direct oversight for states that opt out of safety monitoring. The agency also would take over for state organizations that the administration determined to be inadequate.

Crash a train..take over the entire system? Ordo ab chao? If it was 'ordo ab chao', that is how it would be done.
Threat of climate change should be treated like war say engineers
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) said it would be almost impossible for the UK to meet ambitious climate change targets to cut greenhouse gases by 80 per cent by 2050 without drastic action.
The only way to reach the target would be to “go to war” against carbon emissions, its report said.
Individuals would also be expected to “do their bit” by reducing the amount of energy used in the home, flying less and switching to public transport rather than driving cars, the report said. Personal carbon allowances that limit the amount of energy used on transport, heating and flying could also have to be introduced.
He said people in countries like Britain may have to accept a level of “discomfort” by reducing energy and even a “loss of liberty” by travelling less but these changes in lifestyle will prevent worse suffering in the developing world due to climate change as well as the costs to our own society in the future.
Controlling the populations
Once again, one aspect of the climate scam is that it is simply a means to strip the global populations of all personal freedoms, including especially the personal automobile and right to move about freely. Part and parcel with that is the absolute control of public transport, as the US government is moving to accomplish in this country. Micromanaged 666 slave trading. see: wrenching transformation

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