"ShakeAlertLA" - Los Angeles Launches 1st-Ever Earthquake [Manmade] Early Warning App (And 5-'18 CA Mass-Relocate Plan); A21

Earthquake early warning app for Los Angeles County now available for download

When the big one comes, even seconds of warning prior to shaking could save your life. And if you live in Los Angeles County, the ShakeAlertLA app could do just that.

The app is now available for download for Apple and Android phones. Those who download the app would receive a push alert, possibly up to 20 seconds before an earthquake hits L.A. County.


Alerts will be sent to your phone about any earthquake 5.0 or higher. The app does not need to be open in order for users to receive the alert. Tips to prepare and recover from an earthquake are also available on the app.

The push alert system will be triggered by the U.S. Geological Survey early warning system, ShakeAlert, which has about 400 sensors in Southern California and more in Oregon and Washington.

L.A. is the first city in the country to offer an early warning app.

Not if...

but..."when the big one comes"...is the propaganda. Been pushing it for a long time. No doubt the "big one" does come. Exactly on the numerology-day planned too - since we now understand so clearly that this is really how these things actually go. And what with the new 'Big-One-alert' cell-phone app just for that very day now down-loadable, evidently the time for actually geoengineer-doing the deed must be getting closer.

The Deed, man-made bombquake that is, for A21 're-wilding'. Man-made...how else could the plan be accomplished. Might have to wait forever otherwise. At any rate they've already done a dry run for the predetermined numerology day of the 'Big One' (see link below), whatever day it is, and have a system already in place to "migrate" millions out of Los Angeles permanently and relocate them in apparently Agenda-21 designated Arizona, as seen in this post from seven months back May 2018:

Watch Out CA: Mass Evacuation Drill CA Into AZ After 'Big Quake' May 21-24, 2018 [A21 Population-Relocation] 5-20-18 "Mass care? What is that? Answer: That is what relocating entire populations to new geographic regions after a massive supposed 'natural disaster' is now being called. "Mass care" - requiring that every conceivable entity, public and private, from federal all the way down to community level, merge into a monolithic command structure [see below]. All of which, i.e. population relocating and interwoven control of everything, is exactly what is called for in the 'official' one-world-government Agenda21 manual. Only thing needed though to make it all actually happen is some sort of 'massive disaster' - like for instance "The Big One" in CA. Perhaps that needed event, geoengineered that would of course be*, is already scheduled, for here now May 21-24, 2018 we see an actual dry-run being held - to prepare for a migrating of CA to AZ:

Scenario: A catastrophic seismic event occurs in Southern California, resulting in a mass migration*/evacuation of several hundred thousand residents out of the state ... [note:] "Migrating" (their language) means no returning. No return is Agenda21 population relocation..." [see post]


Burn-downs [link], flooding-outs [link], earth-quaking shake-downs [link], tsunami-bombing [link], meteorite fakery [link], now volcano manipulating [link], and more. As for specifically the quaking of the ground and knocking down zones slated for 're-wilding', LA is not the only long-threatened geo-region for The Big One. The New Madrid region around the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers is also a long-threatened 'Big One' Zone. That one would devastate vast regions, and as goes the official story-line, the commerce of the entire country, being that it is heavily dependent on the transportation system of those two major rivers. An A21 dream, in other words.

The plan [see: UN '95] is known. The methods are known. Many of the locations are known. Only the schedule is unknown.

now they want to call you to 'instruct' you on what to do, etc., "when" the day happens:

"Attention Los Angeles pack the car and head to Arizona immediately" ..?

Sitting up and taking note definitely recommended...wherever...

Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 21:31 'The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD'  [cf. Prov. 18:10]

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