Calling All Sinners - Did You Know...

'that...joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth...' Luke 15:7

An heir is born to some powerful sovereign, or such a one is married, or ascends the throne, and there is great rejoicing and merry-making on earth. Some mighty conqueror returns at the head of his victorious armies, there is great rejoicing on earth; but such matters receive little notice in Heaven. Some poor, broken-down, miserable wreck of a man or woman on a heap of filthy rags or straw, in some tumble-down garret or hovel, turns their face towards Heaven and says, "Father, I have sinned," or "God, be merciful to me a sinner," and all Heaven rings again with joy.

And only to think, that it is not the faultless self-righteous Pharisee [Luke 18:11-12] that produces this joy; it is the repentance of a sinner that does so [Luke 18:13].

Of a sinner?

Yes, there is joy in Heaven over ONE sinner that repenteth [Luke 15:7]. Will you, my unconverted reader, yield Heaven joy? ~ C.H. Mackintosh (CHM) 1820-1896

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