Tsunami Hits Indonesia Sunda Strait 12-22-18 No Quake - Like Sulawesi, (Man Made) Tsunamis The New 'Smart Fires'?

43 dead, hundreds injured as tsunami hits Indonesia coastal areas

The Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) said the wave was not caused by an earthquake, but was possibly the result of volcanic activity at Mount Krakatoa.

Sunda Strait separates the islands of Java and Sumatra. Its coast is located about 100km (62 miles) from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

The tsunami-like conditions were likely caused by undersea landslides resulting from volcanic activity at Krakatoa Volcano, according to the disaster agency. The volcano, also located in the Sunda Strait, has been spewing ash and periodically erupting for the past several months.

Above is a follow up on, related to: [9-28-18] Sulawesi Tsunami Did Not Make Sense [On-Land EQ] - MSM Says Same Thing May Happen To Los Angeles Beach Towns 10-4-18

"A tsunami results only when a large volume of water is displaced at once. Something has to happen for large chunks of ocean to be displaced in a moment i.e. instantly moved out of the ocean to onshore far inland...

...the official reports on the Sulawesi tsunami of 9-28-18 did not make sense. It was reported to have been caused by a land-based earthquake. Land based earthquakes do not make tsunamis. Except in this case it did - say the 'msm experts' - and 'we know it was very unusual but we can explain', say they:

'But this tsunami was generated after a quake began on land on a strike-slip fault — the same kind of fault like the San Andreas, where one block of land slides past the other horizontally. This produces horizontal movement not typically associated with large tsunamis.'

Of course there is another very real possible explanation not mentioned that actually makes perfect sense - that would be a tsunami bomb..."


Here we go - tsunamis that cannot be explained any time any place. Just saw what was probably the first instance of this just three months back with the Sulawesi tsunami 9-28-18. Sulawesi is Indonesia also. That one (noted in the follow-up linked above) was said to have been caused by an on-land quake. On-land quakes do not displace the ocean.

That Sulawesi incident, as reported, was highly significant though for one reason. Quoted also from the above linked 'follow-up' post that reason is this:

"the Sulawesi tsunami was reported as being generated by an on-land earthquake. In other words this just allowed another extremely anomalous 'new-normal' disaster scenario to be created..."

12-22-18 tsunami in the Sunda Strait in Indonesia no earthquake. Maybe an underwater landslide says the zwo...with a little volcano action ...we'll let you know later.

Is that supposed to be believable? It is as believable as not-wild smart-fires that destroy Agenda-21 target zone towns - but not the 'wild' - only the buildings and cars.

Sulawesi the first, now only three months later, another not-believable unexplainable tsunami.

It is very clear where this is going.


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