'Future City' Shanghai And IOT Gone Wild (Internet Of Things) - And "America 2050" Mega-Regions

Where it's all going - digitalized "mega-city" Shanghai, digitalized world:
Everyone safe but watched in mega-city full of cameras

Municipal officials in Shanghai now take pride in the litany of Internet of Things applications in their city that make streets and homes safer. More than half a million Internet of Things sensors have reportedly been installed throughout the city, on streets, in subway trains, plus residential communities and skyscrapers, according to Shanghai Daily.

A data center houses all details collected by these sensors for police and data crunchers to track fugitives and analyze potential threats to public security. The center reportedly boasts a capacity of 17.9 petabytes – a petabyte is roughly a million megabytes – on its 5,000 servers, plus the ability to undertake 400 algorithms. The neural center of a digitalized Shanghai is part a multi-billion-yuan initiative by the municipal government.

The “smart” border control systems at 123 interchange points between Shanghai and its neighboring provinces Zhejiang and Jiangsu are said to be four times more efficient than the previous generation. The new system has identified and contributed to the capture of 194 fugitives, as well as 13,400 illegal or dangerous items since September 2017.

Shanghai’s 1,712 residential quarters and estates also have “smart” sensors and closed-circuit television cameras to detect burglars. High-rise blocks also have cameras to immediately warn citizens and catch residents who throw things over their balcony.

But it has also raised concerns about privacy and if the government is prying on the daily lives of its residents, since these legions of cameras boost high-definition optical and digital zooms, and even if people close their windows and draw their curtains, the government can still find out a lot about them, such as who visits them at home or when they go to bed, if it wants to.

The Shanghai Police Force said they would speed up the installation of smart devices to cover virtually all corners and alleyways in a city of 25 million residents.

'Internet of things' connecting everything conceivable, for totalitarian control. Note especially mention in above article of "smart border control" with "123 interchange points...four times more efficient". Complete control over the movement of all people in other words. Now think Trump "Mexican Wall" chaos. How many interchange points might that have - which obviously would control all movement in either direction.

Where is 'it' all going? IOT totalitarian future cities is the answer. All located in designated zones only, globally. Mega-regions is what those designated zones are being called. All the continents are mapped out already, including the USA, as seen in below map. This is the 'America 2050' map. Note especially this 'region' is not called the United States, but 'America'. Is that significant? How could it not be.

"Make 'America' Great Again"?

What about the fifty states? Very apparently they are not part of the plan (click on map for full size). Tentative of course at this point but the idea is clear - "America", by 2050, divided into eleven 'mega-regions' (count the different colored zones):

By 2050. That would be after all the outlying zones are geo-engineer flooded, burned, quaked, tsunami-ed, etc., as now fully underway across the country (and world), clearing them out, which are then zoned off-limits to 'human habitation'.  [see DEW video @ bottom]

All to be herded to the mega-regions and IOT controlled. The mega-regions are to be interconnected by a system of high-speed rail as seen in this next map. Living away from a transportation corridor likely will not be possible. In between regions note there looks to be some hubs for the transportation system but between the rail lines nothing is shown:

Both maps: America2050.org
Anyway, everything being done, it's all to achieve the end goal. Every bit of 'it'. Trump wall kaos ...government shutdown kaos - 2019 and beyond - just part of the 'America 2050' plan (which is part of the 'World 2050' plan). Very plain to see. A massive production.

Digitalized mega-city Shanghai? An IOT 666 digitalized world is the only goal - they are all in on it.

Don't be in on it. Don't be a digit. Come out.

Rev. 18:4



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Gen. 11:4 'And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven...'

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