MSM Says Victims Of 'Harvey' Geoengineered Flood Must "Adjust To Their New World Order"; 'Irma' East Coast Next?

updated 9-5  Follow up to: 'Hunger Games' Melania Trump Wears FLOTUS (Float-Us) Cap In Houston - Man Made Flood Hidden In Plain Sight? 8-30-17 "'Hurricane Harvey" floods man-made i.e. purposely caused? -- Dams, reservoirs, levees, dikes, etc - water-control systems - can be allowed to flow, be restricted, be diverted all sorts of different ways, all the way down any particular system. "River-engineering" it is called. Constructed so as to allow the directing of any desired amount of water wherever the 'river-engineers' want it, or need it, to go. Flood location 'X' on demand? Pull a few levers, push a few buttons - presto - how much water you want. ...MSM does the rest' ---- 'the...message...sent by the 'Float-us' cap - a very subtle little statement which can only be interpreted as intended to declare 'We be the 'elite' - you be not the elite you be the peasants':...[see post, photos]
New Normal...Never Going Home...Adjust To...New World Order

["never gonna go back home..."]

"A new normal...never going to go back home? ...Adjust to this new world order...that they are going to be living after this"? New world order? - mocking and more mocking...and of the cruelest sort it should be noted. A recurring theme among most questioning the true source of the incredible destruction experienced in Houston has to do with weather modification. With that considered to be the reality the theorizing usually then goes on to name HAARP and CERN as the methods used to accomplish the modification of weather. CERN and HAARP aside, while there may be something to the belief that the 'government' does in fact have the capability to do weather modification, at least to some degree, little is actually known as to how. One thing to keep in mind about this topic though is that creating a weather system is one thing, precisely controlling it's every move is another altogether.

Regardless of what may or may not be possible though, what happened in Houston required no precisely-controlled modified weather. All it required was a very dramatic script for the msm to read, with of course lots of colorful satellite images, charts, maps, etc., and then, very simple, the strategic release of massive volumes of water from the Texas waterway system. Voila. Instant unprecedented destruction blamed on 'Harvey'.

No high-tech sci-fi mystery to it. No HARRP-guided hurricane going out to sea and 'refueling' three times like 'Harvey' supposedly did [link] and coming back in and wreaking more devastation each time. 100% Pure Fiction - all of that. But how else could all that water that came out of nowhere be explained.

And will the same thing now be done to the East Coast ala 'Irma" in the coming days or week. Understand one thing. There is no 'USA' in the "new world order". Houston shows us exactly how late in the game it now is. Be informed. Rom. 10:13

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and what is the 'USA' and every other country in the world to be chaos-transformed into; see:: "Planned-opolis" - Globalism Is Communitarianism And Privatization - To Be Alive And Well Under Trump; Blue Zones 12-8-16

Rev. 18:4
9-10-17 follow up: 'Hurricane Irma' Sucking Up The Ocean Bahamas, Tampa Bay A Psyop Hoax For Man Made 'Storm Surge' Agenda
Psalms 37:12-13 'The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming'


Anonymous said...

I sure don't want to live anywhere near a dam or reservoir (that I'm sure has been strategically located for this very purpose). The reality of these so called catastrophic "hurricanes" is very unsettling. This kind of damage can occur inland as well as on the coast. Hey, let's create an earthquake that will compromise a dam. Suddenly, another targeted town or city is wiped out. Blame it on God. After a couple of these catastrophes, people will be filled with so much fear...could we be next? Maybe we better move from here. It's easy to control people when they are filled with fear and uncertainty. Another step to accepting the coming antichrist...he will save the day, coming to everyone's rescue. Don't bite the bait!

tom m. said...

re: near a dam or reservoir

Reality of it is...there's a 'meteorite' or 'earthquake' or 'fire' or 'tsunami' etc. for other areas. Something for anyplace.

For instance, see: geo-tsunamis/meteorites; earth(bomb)quakes