"Medical Aid In Dying" The Nice Name (MAiD) - Kill Yourself Please The Real Meaning; Hi Now 7th State Jan. 1, 2019

Hawaii’s New Medical Aid In Dying Law Begins January 1, 2019

In January, Dr. Charles Miller will come out of retirement to prescribe medication to terminally ill patients, allowing them to die in their sleep...he is eager to lead the way as Hawaii’s medical field reckons with implementing the state’s new medical aid in dying law...

"Kill yourself says Hawaii (now the 7th State)...starting 1-1-19  [another nine-one-one there just noticing]..."

2019 new definition of the word "medication"

They call it "medical aid", but what could be further from the truth then giving a person not medicine but a lethal dose of poison with which to kill them self. Here, poison yourself and die. No medical there. If you hear the term, and you will, be aware of what you are hearing.

Be double sure to background-check that MAiD before allowing her in the house.

2019 devils running the show now. Be not incorporated in their darkness. [John 8:12]

[Above is excerpted, reposted; see full post, videos: HI, 'Aid in Dying', Logan's Run 1976]
See also: Canada; 12-1-18

Rev. 18:4

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