Is The New 'Miss' America Nia "I-MAN"-i Franklin A Transgender? - If It's A Man Body It's A Man

[updated 9-13]  Is the new 'Miss' America a natural-born female or a transgender.

It is a fair question. As most know the Miss America pageant underwent a major 'transformation' itself this year by banning swimsuits i.e bikinis. Miss America 2.0 they are calling it now. The "2.0" signifying the new type of 'woman' being created for the planned new-world-order no doubt. Tower of Babel 2.0 certainly is what is being attempted. The newly crowned 'Miss America 2.0' went on record after the fact stating happy agreement with the new policy:

Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin likes competition's changes, especially no swimsuits
[10-10-18] “After weeks of competition, Nia Imani Franklin earned the Miss America 2019... Miss America 2.0,” as it was rebranded this year ...eliminated the controversial swimwear portion for the first time in its 98-year history...Franklin welcomed this year’s changes and told the Associated Press she was glad the swimsuit competition was eliminated...” [2nd source: photos]

One thing about bikinis is they do reveal all. New Miss America wore one a year and a few months back though - apparently in the Miss NC contest - seen in this image:

Natural born female or transgender? It is this photo that makes that a fair question [source].

Does that torso look male or female? Very straight lines from the hip, strong 'V' shape. No hourglass at all (new Miss America 2.0 also seems to have rather large feet). Below is a crop of the image giving a closer look [slight photo edit removing side strap of bikini top to show back line]:

Looks unarguably male - straight 'V' shape from point of hip (zero curve), square shoulders. What about a comparison with a male:

Looks very similar. Comparing now that image to this one:

No straight lines here. A woman does not have anything close to a straight line from the hip - the narrowest point is well above the navel - hourglass not a 'V".* [see 3rd link below].

No bikinis in Miss America contest? That would be very transgender-friendly would it not. Pads and clothing and camera angles can do a lot (surgery of course also) towards how a person's physique would 'appear' to be.

Again this is a fair question. Especially considering other possible clues. First one right off the bat was the full name of Miss America 2.0 Nia Imani Franklin. The middle name says "I man". What? This immediately signals the need for a closer look. They always tell. And so very often is done through the use of names - the name game.

I man? - sure is looking like it.

Another interesting item i.e. possible clue was this NY Post headline (the full headline is cut-off but can be read in the quote - underlined in red). Miss America 2.0 was a recent 'transplant' to NY from NC:

Nia I-man-i Frank-lin is a "trans"-plant - the headline reads (a plant in the contest to have a 'trans' crowned MA 2.0 perhaps?). Interesting. Any reason to not believe that that would be intended as another 'tell'? That is exactly how the hidden-in-plain-sight game is played after all.**

Final analysis is for the reader to make. This post is just examining what is available - which is somewhat limited at this point.

This much is more than enough though to question...because of the importance of the issue. This is something affecting the entire world and if true on a very deep level. Believing a thing to be one thing when it is another is not okay. Making out essentially castrated boys to be women and deceiving the world is an industry in the world today... [see links below] so it behooves one to not blindly accept everything put before them. Making out boys to be girls deceiving the world to push the tranny trance-fomation of the human race is sorcery and witchcraft. Truly it is perpetrating spiritual deception of the greatest magnitude. Scrutinizing these things therefore is man-datory. Be not deluded by the deluded ones.

For one more very interesting revealing telling hidden-in-plain sight clue/tell this curious composition [source].  Dated approximately two weeks before the Miss America 2.0 competition was to start it was providing supporters with a mailing address for this contestant while away from home for the contest. Looking at it though - as a 'composition' since that is what it is - does it not seem that perhaps there might actually be much more going on with this portrait. Some message perhaps...hidden in plain sight. What could it be:

Miss America 2.0 not femail but mail? Does it get any more 'plain sight'...



Miss America 2019 [9-9-18] No Bikinis, Gowns About Eliminating Femininity - Androgynous-Tranny 666 ZNWO 9-9-18 "Obviously a so-called 'female-identifying' bio-male could never pull off a bikini w/heels on the big stage without inducing a collective gag-reflex from viewers nationwide so that has to go..."

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*Serena Williams Is A Man Irrefutable Video - Or You Can't Fake The 'Indent'; And Simone Biles...'Transgender'? 8-6-16


9-19-18 follow up: New 'Miss' America 2.0 Says 'Miss America' Should Allow Transgenders

Rev. 18:4
**Isaiah 3:9 'The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not...'

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