MSM Virtual Storms: Weather Channel Caught Faking Hurricane Florence, Tries To Explain; New Bern NC Storm Surge "Like a Bomb Went Off" [Videos]

Follow up on: MSM Virtual-Storms And Hurricane 'Florence' - And Geoengineered "Storm Surges", Floods - Agenda 21 Cui Bono 9-13-18 "But is it Real or an MSM virtual storm (existing on the tv-screen only) - that fizzles out at the last moment into a normal seasonal-type storm ...although massive destruction still occurs ...which means that the destruction must be actually geoengineered i.e. man-made ...for example opening dams reservoirs etc. for controlled flooding of targeted areas that sort of thing ...which means that the incredible hyperbolic storm-hype would have to have been just the cover to permit the geoengineered devastation ...which do note always advances known Agenda 21 goals ...speaking of which man-made mini-tsunamis - which the MSM fiction-writers have scientifically-termed "storm surges" (even though such a thing is not possible [see below full post]) - obviously are very efficient in that respect with regard to coastal areas ...hence the reason for the now endless MSM Virtual Storms-of-a-lifetimes (plural). Beware the storm-surge story. Be not virtual-lie-zed..." [see post]
MSM Caught Faking Hurricane Florence, Attempts 'Explanation'; And New Bern NC Neuse River Storm Surge "Like A Bomb Went Off"

First two videos: (1) Viral video MSM caught faking Hurricane 'Florence' coverage; and (2) [below] official MSM attempt to explain away the virtual-reality fakery (some language):

1. Weather Channel reporter cannot stand in hurricane 'Florence' - while locals casually stroll around in background:

[note during this little scene headline across bottom of screen '600,000 without power' - is the whole thing a mock - hidden-in-plain-sight - 'telling' that the whole thing is geoengineered?]

2. MSM (CNN) attempt to 'explain' defend virtual-reality Weather Channel propaganda:


Next two videos: Man-made storm surges? Mini-tsunami bombs that is:

New Bern North Carolina supposedly got "an epic storm surge" - reportedly came up out of a river. How? Short video is titled "Fake Green Screen Reporting on Hurricane Florence":

[:09] "some of the riverfront communities... [:27] but the dangerous flooding that we saw here today was actually the result of the 'storm surge' coming up out of the Neuse river behind me... It burst out of it's banks overnight and invaded this town ...an epic storm surge"

The town of New Bern was flooded. The destruction is real. The consequences for residents is real. Riverfront town note it - Agenda 21 target area? No doubt. Ever notice it always happens "overnight". Here is what one resident said:

screenshot source
"Like a bomb went off". Is that a hidden-in-plain-sight tell? They always tell.

Can explosives really be used to make a little mini-tsunami? What would that look like?

Answer to first question is 'yes'; answer to second question is it would look something like this:

"Epic storm surge" in New Bern North Carolina came up out of the Neuse River... "like a bomb went off". In the middle of the night of course.

Hurricane so-called Florence - MSM virtual storm - like always. In plain sight.

compare: Fake-Cane Lane: Honolulu Mayor Calls 'Hurricane Lane' An "Exercise" After It Does Impossible U-Turn [MSM Virtual Storm] 8-26-18

Rev. 18:4

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