Follow Up On "Is New Miss America Transgender?": New 'Miss' America Says 'Miss America' Should Allow Trans

New MA 2.0: "...there was nothing that asked me if I was a trans" [evidently not]
Miss America Says Transgender Women Should Be Allowed To Compete

Nia Imani Franklin, representing New York state, was crowned the 98th Miss America in Atlantic City on September 9...The North Carolina native is making the media rounds and opened up about the ban against transgender women competing in the competition.

Franklin responded, “That’s something I haven’t given a lot of thought to. I could see the organization may be going into a different direction in the future, but at this time our goal is just to focus on women who want to further their education.”

She continued, “If trans women want to compete I think they should be able to — that’s not something I think we are really putting too much emphasis on as far as, ‘Are you trans? Check this box’ when you compete. When I competed, in my application, there was nothing that asked me if I was a trans woman or not, so we’re definitely not discriminating.”

This post is a follow up on: Is The New 'Miss' America Nia "I-MAN"-i Franklin A Transgender? - If It's A Man Body It's A Man 9-11-18

Miss America 2.0 not femail but mail? Does it get any more 'plain sight'... [see post]

Question: How many real women beauty pageant contestants would ever say... 'oh yes we want to compete against castrated boys with breast implants pretending to be girls'?  Answer: Ummm...none.

Rev. 18:4

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