MSM Brainwash Campaign To Explain Impossible 'Wildfire' Destruction Has Begun - "Firenadoes" Say They

[7-31 updated; new video]  Follow up on: "Unprecedented" Greek Fires [DEW?] Wipe Villages Off Map - Planet Under Agenda 21 'Geostorm' Attack 7-26-18 "California communities literally incinerated. Absolutely reduced to ashes. The fire aftermath seen in this hard-to-fathom destruction really is something different then ever before. Could this type of utter destruction occur naturally ... Unprecedented" fires in Greece this week...unprecedented fires in Sweden last week. Unprecedented fires (in A21 target zones always) all over the USA and other parts of the world ongoing...now suddenly the 'new norm'. Does that make any sense. How can it be? [see post]
Never before seen destruction by supposedly natural 'wildfires'...wiping entire communities off the map across the globe. How can it be. Well of course the zio-msm is on the job and will all now read from the same script to scientifically-explain the impossible scenario to all the world so that they will see that there really is a perfectly good explanation for this never before seen wild 'wildfire' behavior-destruction:

World...the explanation for unexplainable fires starting up where you live and you being evacuated out of your communities and the fires then quadrupling in size in the middle of the night after everyone is gone and the whole area then being mysteriously burnt up is a new thing that you've never heard of before - but don't think twice about it because that's what msm bot-people are for - and they will now educate the whole wide world on this new phenomena which are called "firenadoes":

The video producer points out the msm fear mongering. There is plainly much more to what is going on here with this absurd "firenado" official-explanation though. Clearly it is a massive propaganda/brainwash program to delude the masses into believing that the impossible destruction that they are seeing with their own eyes is in fact not impossible at all but is naturally occurring...yes yes everybody firenadoes that's right...

Impossible fire destruction. Can a 'wildfire' strike with surgical precision. This video entitled "See the devastation from the Carr Fire on Harlan Drive in the Lake Redding Estates" [7-27-18] reveals as plain as anything can be that there is nothing in any way random about how these fires are burning - it literally is a surgical precision:

The reality here also is that the more and more people are exposed to these 'aftermath' images they will come to accept it as 'normal'. John Q. Public is being inundated with these inexplicable aftermath-images now through every msm outlet, told there is no longer any so-called 'fire season' but fire is now an every day threat year round and this is, quote, "the new norm". Yes the fires have a mind of their own, they can Do Anything, they burn down all the houses and stay within property lines - and all the sheeple-people with minds numbed having been bombarded with the msm's unrelenting new Smart-Fire propaganda say 'oh well yes isn't that something yes just amazing isn't it'.

Fact is 'the normalization' for the most part may be there already.

Red alert as can be. The world is under open attack, by the globalist cartel - who else, like nothing ever seen. Flooding out, fire, bombearthquake, to volcano, to tsunami bomb, name it. Live in an A21 target zone? Definitely be absolutely aware - and being proactive however could potentially need be - might be a good idea. What has begun is far from over - fact is it is only getting moreso by the day.

7-30-18 follow up: Crazy DEW Laser Fires Worldwide? "Like a Blowtorch" Says MSM - Agenda 21 Chase 'Em Out
11-14-18 follow up: A21 Burn-Down: Fake-'Firenado' Fires Caused By DEW? - Or Maybe Flamethrowers And 'Sticky Fuel' - Videos, Pics


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Darren C. said...

CNN's not the only ones obfuscate the truth behind the fires.

You might find this latest episode of 99% invisible interesting.


tom m. said...

to Darren C.

Read that article - as much as i could take of it - to get the gist

another layer of pure brainwash garbage as you have pointed out

should be expected i suppose - gonna burn down the old-order gonna have to have a cover story

their day is coming - Psalm 37:13