ZWO Planning Robot Control Of Humanity? - Latest Bots Video; Robotic-Shark Attacks For Agenda 21?

Robot world under construction. Below video is just a sample of what is being developed. Robots are now being designed to do virtually everything imaginable. Not hard to see where this can and likely will go in the Brave New World planned by the mad scientists of the Zwo: Automated domination-and-control of the 'minion' class. Be aware - robot takeover is unquestionably the goal:

Just to key in one aspect of this for the moment - for a specific reason: particularly fascinating is the lifelike movements underwater of the robotic penguins as seen in the above video [6:50 - 8:05], as well the very lifelike appearance. This screenshot [7:54] from above video captures this lifelike-ness:

7:48 "...a completely new feature in the world of robotics is
the torso of the penguins which can move in any direction"
The specific reason for keying in on these realistic swimming robotic-penguins out of all the other robot-creations out there now is simply to note that using the penguin-technology to make other lifelike aquatic-bots obviously would not be difficult. A 'shark model' for instance. Which brings up the subject of these past posts on what has been termed 'the global shark psyop' - questioning whether or not perhaps 'fake sharks' were being used to push Zwo Agenda21 ocean-related goals:

Mick Fanning 'Shark' Attack Real Or Simulated...Or 'Other' -- And New NWO 'Animals Attacking Humans' Psyop; "Zoo" TV Show 7-9-15 "Eight shark attacks in less than a month were reported recently in North Carolina [and three more in South Carolina from May 2015], a highly unusual occurrence. Were they real? The videos were at best not very revealing. Nothing graphic. From what could be seen in the videos nothing either way can be proven...Which brings us to this latest 'wild animal attack' on a human - another reported shark attack. This occurred today 7-19-15. What is especially interesting about this is that it occurred at a very high profile type scenario: a professional surf contest with the best surfers in the world at one of the best surfing locations in the world called J-Bay in South Africa... But is it real? Or is that possibly a mechanical shark like in the movie Jaws, or perhaps some sort of human-powered contraption. And then, it should be noted about the video that the body of the shark never did break the surface, nothing could be seen except the fin...and that just for a moment. And how is it that the surfer Fanning walked away without a scratch on his body or on the surfboard? That's virtually beyond the realm of chance..." [see post; video]

Shark Psyop Series: 10-9-15 Oahu Shark Attack Happens While Shark-Attack Documentary Filmed; And "Jaws 19", Back To The Future II 10-12-15 "Jaws made you afraid to go in the water...Jaws II made you afraid to go back in the water...Jaws 8 made you afraid of robotic sharks...and then [the video] runs through the list up to Jaws 19 with this very interesting statement: "the oceans are disappearing and to save their home the sharks must attack...Jaws 19...this time it's really really personal"...There it is - the zio-global agenda, all neatly wrapped up in that one statement -- getting 'humans' out of the ocean is Agenda 21..."

see all: global shark psyop
also: US Navy robot shark - YT vid

'Humans' off the coasts and out of the oceans are known Agenda 21 end-goals. Lifelike robotic sharks being used to push the agenda? Likely they could even be made with powerful biting capabilities. Anyway, suggest keep it in mind as the 'global shark psyop' continues to unfold. Things may not be what they are made out to be.

Make be-lie-ve world 2017. Babylon by name.

And robots everywhere.

Rev. 18:4
11-17-17 follow-up: Robot-World-Order Shows Off Newest Humanoid-Bot That Can Do Backflips
Psalms 104:24-25 'O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches. So is this great and wide sea, wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts.'

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This sounds a lot like West World ideology which a movie and book were written in the 70s by the same author of Jurassic park