Robot-World-Order Shows Off Newest Humanoid-Bot That Can Do Backflips

Follow up on: ZWO Planning Robot Control Of Humanity? - Latest Bots Video; Robotic-Shark Attacks For Agenda 21? 11-14-17 "Robot world under construction. Video [@ link] is just a sample of what is being developed. Robots are now being designed to do virtually everything imaginable. Not hard to see where this can and likely will go in the Brave New World planned by the mad scientists of the Zwo: Automated domination-and-control of the 'minion' class. Be aware - robot takeover is unquestionably the goal..." [see post; video]
'Nightmare-inducing' robots are now able to do backflips

If you thought the rise of the machines was going to take years – think again.

Boston Dynamics, the company known for its terrifying-looking robots, has released a new video of its humanoid robot. Ordinarily, this would be cause for attention, but the new video shows the robot jumping from block to block and it eventually does a backflip, further casting a light on our robot-pocalypse future.

Boston Dynamics has acknolwedged that its robots can cause fear, with its CEO, Marc Raibert, once making a joke about it in a presentation.

In February, Raibert showed off the wheeled version of one of its robots and described it as "nightmare-inducing."

Well...the most famous line from 'The Terminator' movies was Ah-nold saying "I'll be back". Zio-unholy-wood always tells what they do before they do it. Stay tuned...

Rev. 18:4

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