What Have They Done? - Eight Transgenders 'Win' U.S. Elections 11/7/17 ~ 'As It Was In The Days Of Noe'

Meet the 8 transgender candidates who won elections on Tuesday

[excerpted] Danica Roem’s election to the Virginia House of Delegates on Tuesday was a big win, as she will become the first openly transgender woman to take state office...But Tuesday’s election was a far bigger win for transgender candidates than most tallies have accounted for. Based on local reports from across the country, ThinkProgress has identified at least eight openly trans candidates who won their races this week.

1. Danica Roem: Roem is not the first openly transgender candidate to win a state race, nor is she the first transgender woman who will serve in state office, but she is the first candidate who will have won and served in state office as an out and proud transgender woman. She also notably beat an opponent, Del. Bob Marshall (R), with a long history of anti-LGBTQ views...

2. Andrea Jenkins: Tuesday night, Andrea Jenkins won her race to serve on the Minneapolis City Council, making her one of the first trans women to serve in a major city’s governing body and one of the first trans people of color to serve in any elected office in the country.

3. Phillipe Cunningham: ...a black trans man, also won his race for the Minneapolis City Council.

4. Lisa Middleton: Out in California, Lisa Middleton became the first transgender person elected to a non-judicial office in the state, winning a seat on the Palm Springs City Council. Her co-victor, Christy Holstege, identifies as bisexual, so with their elections, the Palm Springs City Council will become the first city government in the country where a majority of the members are LGBTQ.

5. Stephe Koontz: A small business owner and church administrator, Koontz is now the only openly transgender elected official in the entire state of Georgia.

6. Raven Matherne: The city of Stamford, Connecticut elected its first openly transgender lawmaker, Raven Matherne, to its Board of Representatives...believed to be the first transgender lawmaker in Connecticut ever.

7. Tyler Titus: Pennsylvania saw the same milestone. Tyler Titus, a 33-year-old father, won a seat on the Erie [eerie - ed.] School Board, making him the first openly transgender person elected to office in the commonwealth.

8. Gerri Cannon: The school board in Somersworth, New Hampshire will also have its first transgender member.

What have they done? As it was in the days of Noe [Luke 17:16-27] so is it now 2017. Then the human genome had been corrupted, today now 2017 the male and female distinction of the human race is being strong-armed away. Same end in sight for the serpent-seed gang - destroy and possess [link]. What have they done?

[Interesting date for the 'historic election' also 11-7-17 - gives a '77' and the triple-one '111'. Favorite kabala numbers, as most know at this point, matches the 1-10-17 Mandalay Bay Psyop numbers actually - see link. If it's poker it's a full house. Seems there's now a full house of tranny-activists in government offices too. Brimstone and fire from heaven alert - Luke 17:29]
suggested read: The "Days Of Noe" Are Here, The "Coming Of The Son Of Man" Will Certainly Follow - CHM

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 24:3 'The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the LORD hath spoken this word'


Anonymous said...

And those are only the ones that we actually know about. Makes one wonder how many are currently holding office (from the president on down) as well as throughout the previous years that we are unaware of. My guess, many, as we see and hear them in the news everyday! Which would explain the direction this country (in fact, the world) has been and is heading in and the laws that are being passed that smack of evil, deception and corruption...the antithesis of the Word of God, Truth. I truly believe those who are transgendered are demon possessed. They have become vessels of Satan. Folks, as we all know too well, this is a spiritual battle and for those of us who "know what time it is," it is only going to get worse. Praise God that through His Word, we understand what is going on and why. No need for fear as we know who is in control - for His glory and for His purpose...our sovereign Heavenly Father, God Almighty.

Gwen said...

Well here's one for you, Anonymous. Here's a link to a Catholic blogger regarding this individual. I've also included a link to wikipedia images. I do not believe this is a female human.


Click on each image to enlarge it, and tell me what you think: