SNL 9-30-17 Reveals Kabbala-Truth In Trump-Skit: "Chaos..Is All Part Of The Plan" [Day Before Las Vegas]

Saturday Night Live 9-30-17 revealing real-world zio-cabal occult-sorcery truth, slipping it into the opening skit as part of a 'Trump spoof'. Disclaimer: It's a six minute video, unfunny, mocking, and at the end pushing pedophilia. No reason to watch really - except for one little segment from about 2:40 to around 3:10 where the Trump-character, in true hidden Kabala-Kode style, as part of the mockery of the skit, reveals the actual reality of everything happening in the world today. Namely that the unending 'chao' all around the world, and Trump's role in keeping it continual, is "all part of the plan":
Youtube: The Chaos President Cold Open - SNL 9-30-17

2:40 - "Well trust me it may seem like what's coming out of my mouth is b..a..n..a..n..a..n..a..s but it's all part of the plan..."

2:50 -
"The more chaos I cause the less people can focus...they're all getting so tired...so tired..."

3:02 -
"see I'm bending time...so let's keep the chaos coming and shake things up around here..."

777-Trump the "chaos president"? It has been more than obvious from the get-go, but here now stated openly, making a joke out of it though. And how many 'get the joke'? Definitely note also how it is that this was broadcast the night before the massive 'ordo ab chao' production of Las Vegas/Mandalay Bay 10-1-17. All part of the plan? No doubt [link]. Anybody tired of it?

But they're not joking about "the plan". It's real. Looks like this:

Authentic Jewish-Masonic membership certificate with team motto emblazoned across top
Ordo-ab-chao Trump-chaos plan obvious from the beginning? see all: Trump card

"The plan" is not yet completed though. This is the reason for all the 'world chaos' like 'Mass shootings' to North Korea to ISIS to Zika to climate change to gender-robbing to etc. etc. etc. to name it. All of it, everything, all make believe. All for the one only purpose of finishing "the plan".

Finishing the plan...which is where the 'Trump-card' comes into the equation. Playing the Trump card to end the game. And they are telling it out loud. You are living it - 2017. Be informed.

Rev. 18:4
compare: SNL Season Finale 5-20-17 'The Rock' Johnson Says 'Hail Satan', Promotes Child Molestation - Open Satanic Initiating 5-22-17
Isaiah 40:31 'But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint'

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