CA Fires 'Vaporize' Communities -- How? 'Directed-Energy' Lasers (DEW) And 'GEOSTORM' The Movie 10-20-17

Follow up on: CA 'Wine Country' On Fire? On Purpose? - Agenda 21 Chasing 'Em Out Of The Hills; ZNWO By Destruction Everywhere 10-7-17 "...Mystery fires overnight? Understand Agenda 21 i.e. urban sprawl so-called, Wildlands Map, sustainable cities, etc. etc. and you'll know everything you need to know about what is really happening all over everywhere. Massive town-destroying fires? Or city-destroying floods? - which could easily be created by opening selected dams, but blamed on "1000-yr storms" or 'super-hurricanes' - which really are nothing but msm-virtual hurricanes with man-made tsunami-bomb "storm surges" [link], or devastation of other areas by actual tsunami-bomb tsunamis [link]; or entire geographic regions anywhere destroyed by 'earthquake'? - which really are explosive-generated man-made bombquakes [link]; Massive destruction anywhere at any time - happening non-stop now? None of which makes actual sense as being naturally occurring when looked at logically, leaving the only thing that does logically make sense...namely the ZWO Agenda21 agenda. See through it..."
California communities literally incinerated. Absolutely reduced to ashes. The fire aftermath seen in this hard-to-fathom destruction really is something different then ever before. Could this type of utter destruction occur naturally. The question is legitimate and many are raising it. One point in particular many have noted is the complete disintegration of structures and every other thing that would normally be found in a house, which could only come about by an absolute raging inferno, but somehow, the trees were not burned. Trees in the middle of a raging inferno but not burning is definitely a huge anomaly; see image below and 1st video:

[recommend full screen on this video for full effect]

This post is to be informational - to put these things out for the purpose of awareness of the topics - new and strange topics - but seemingly may very well be need-to-know. One of these to at least know what it is if hearing about it, is what are called "Directed Energy Weapons" or DEW. Basically this would be the use of very powerful lasers from a plane or helicopter to 'fry' selected targets. Seeing the highly anomalous devastation caused by these fires it is no surprise that people are now wondering if there might really be something to it (see 2nd video below). Video directly below gives enough to get the general idea on the conflict between the aftermath of the fires and common sense:

For awareness...and perhaps future reference...a look at 'Directed Energy Weapons' aircraft:

Some have suggested that what has happened in Northern California 'Wine Country' was in fact a 'DEW' test exercise - precision laser strikes on selected targets. Understandable that the thinking would go on these lines seeing what appears to be thousand of buildings having been virtually vaporized - with the surrounding trees remaining standing, still green. Another line of thought, far less sci-fi though, would be the use of some sort of accelerant sprayed on the target...something that would turn an ordinary fire into an inferno that would not stop burning until there was nothing left to burn.

Something not normal happened - this is certain.

One more thing about this, as it is once again the complete destruction of entire regions, the recent so-called 'Harvey' [link] and 'Irma' [link] city-destroying 'storms' should be factored into the equation here as well. This clipped from another video on the directed-energy-weapon topic: Trump's infamous "calm before the storm" comment of Thursday October 5th [2017] - just three days before the Northern Cal fires started October 8 - and the movie release in one week [from today] titled "Geostorm", the plot of which depicts, for one, geographic regions destroyed by 'firestorms':

video  source - link
The world will be taken by geoengineered storms? The exact thing has been going on for quite a while now has it not?

fyi - know about all these things.
 Rev. 18:4
[more videos on this 'firestorm' and DEW @ yt - worth some research time]
11-14-18 follow up: Agenda21 Burn-Down: Fake-'Firenado' Fires Caused By DEW? - Or Maybe Flamethrowers And 'Sticky Fuel' [Videos, Pics]


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Jeremiah 51:25 'Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain*, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain'  [*ZNWO]

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