Mandalay Bay Hoax: Las Vegas 'Illuminati Card', Jason Aldean Tattoo, October 1st - 10/1/17 - It's a Match

[updated 10-9-17*]  Below was recently added to a number of images in the post linked at bottom documenting the Mandalay Bay/Las Vegas 10-1-17 supposed mass shooting*. This is so over the top though it needs it's own post. As many as possible should see this. Images are screenshots from this site: 50shades from a post on the Las Vegas Illuminati Card and Jason Aldean. [site no longer exists]

Las Vegas Illuminati Card And Jason Aldean Who Was On Stage The Moment Of Mandalay Bay Event

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas the performer on stage at the exact moment of the incident...Jason Aldean. And the 'Illuminati Card' for Las Vegas. What possible connection could there be between these two things? Note the Jack and Ace of spades on the Vegas Card. Image on the right is the tattoo on performer Jason Aldean's left arm [2nd photo proof]. Same Jack and Ace of spades - presumably 'JA' for Jason Aldean. Images are screenshots from here: 50shades [recommend see full post]. Note author's comment though. Jack and Ace signify a '10' and a '1'. October 1st - the day.  Las Vegas 10/1 Jack Ace Jason Aldean on stage - it's an over-the-top match:


 * Something else. The game-play rules (in the pink box) for the Vegas card read:

You control the house. By spending Vegas action, you may bet from 1 to 3
Plot Cards with any other player. Roll two dice. On a 6 or less, they win, and
draw from your deck. On a 7 or more, you win, and you draw from their deck.

Note the numbers used for those rules. 1 + 3 + 6 + 7 = 17



*see: Mandalay Bay Las Vegas: Staged Event On The Biggest Stage Yet - Images [20+], Numerorolgy Tell The Tale 10-3-17

10-7-17 follow up: Las Vegas A Zio-Hoax Ritual - Number of 'Killed', Injured, Guns, Floors, Windows Add Up To '666' The Proof
It's a make believe world. Sorcery is their game [Daniel 2:2]. Be not under their spell.  Rev. 18:4

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