Mandalay Bay Las Vegas: Staged Event On The Biggest Stage Yet - Images, Numerology Tell The Tale

new added 10-7  Las Vegas Mandalay Bay 10-1-17. Staged or real? Is it even a question at this point. For that reason this time it seemed sufficient to just let some of the images and numerology of this Vegas-event tell their own story. With that, this post is a collection of images clipped from random videos, with just a few brief comments as needed. As this incident is going down in the history books as the worst 'mass shooting' in the history of USA gathering a few photos to document it seemed worthwhile. For instance this first image ala MSNBC. It speaks volumes. And needs no explanation. And in fact summarizes the entire event perfectly - signed with the '33':

Next, a 'staged event' of course needs a stage. Hard really to conceive of a greater stage than the one 'Las Vegas' played out on at the "Mandalay Bay". Note all the 'special' numbers already in place: the '32' which was the main number of the 'event', the '7777' [link], even a mirrored '9/11':

[On the 'Vegas numerology' note on the date 10-1-2017: The date is a '10' and a '1' and a 2+0+1+7 which four numbers add up to 10. Remove the zeros and it gives a '111'. Note also that number shows up again]

And then the actual physical stage itself. What a magnificent location for the 'worst-ever' event to occur as it did - directly in front of the Pyramid, the Sphinx, and the Phallic Obelisk. Two images for proper perspective:

And here is that very stage on the night of the Big Show 10-1-17. Note anything interesting? That's right, the 'capstone' on the pyramid is 'illuminated'. Perfect setting for ritual activity:

Stages need actors

Once the stage is set, it is then ready for actors. Alleged 64-yr old 32nd-floor shooter the main actor:

32 of course the illuminati 2nd highest number. 64 is twice 32, is that something? Also known is '32' reversed is '23', as pointed out in above image. 23 or 2/3rds equals .666 which is why '23' is said to signify the 'number of 'death to the zio-illuminist cabal. Note next image how many weapons alleged shooter allegedly had:

Next actor the missing girlfriend. More numerology - the '23/32', the '111' again, as well the infamous '322' (and lots of '5's'), all packed into this one 'Fox News' image. Hidden in plain sight:

Another actor, this one with a bit part, an 'Eyewitness' interview. "Broken skull" man. ? Cryptic message? Note the time - there it is again the '23':

Alleged shooter's alleged brother takes the stage, makes cryptic comment. Is maybe a pseudo-asteroid strike 'coming soon'? The line must be in the script for some reason. Or perhaps it could be construed as a Lucifer-reference: "And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit" [Rev. 9:1]:

Apparently in a cameo appearance Nevada governor Sandoval. Note given birthday of August 5. August 5th is 8-5 (or '58'). How many alleged fatalities were there in Vegas. 58 was the final tally (note: msm now making total to be 59 by including alleged shooter. This does not change the supposed 'victim-count'). Now see time-date chart below. Note number of days from 8-5 to 10-1. Exactly 58 days. '58' on the birthday, 58 days between dates, 58 alleged fatalities [yt-source]. Beyond chance:

And then the '88 Hotline' was setup [on the significance of the '88' - link]:

And then what would any event be without some 9/11 thrown in there:

new  As above so below? Las Vegas/Mandalay was a concert setting. Ariana Grande @ Manchester was the last supposed 'mass shooting' at a concert. That event occurred 3-22-17*. How long was it between these two events? Calculate the dates and there it is - a '69'. The high un-holy favorite zio-kabal number signifying 'as-above-so-below' ritual:

new  Another 'party scene' alleged 'mass shooting' was the "Orlando Pulse" homosexual-club incident last year 6-12-16 [link1; link2]. Another date calculation here seems noteworthy. Not the date of occurrence though but the time between the two calendar dates of June 12th and October 1st. There's that tri-one again:

new  Alleged Paddock brother now infamous interview another angle, which just so happens to reveal the street address house number [yt-source]. 32nd floor, '32' on the house, it's a match:

new  And then the performer on stage at go-time...Jason Aldean. And the 'Illuminati Card' for Las Vegas. What possible connection could there be between these two things? Note the Jack and Ace of spades on the Vegas Card. Image on the right is the tattoo on performer Jason Aldean's left arm [2nd photo proof]. Same Jack and Ace of spades - presumably 'JA' for Jason Aldean. Images are screenshots from here: 50shades [recommend see full post]. Note author's comment though. Jack and Ace signify a '10' and a '1'. October 1st - the day.  Las Vegas 10/1 Jack Ace Jason Aldean on stage - it's an over-the-top match:

[Note also the game-play rules (in the pink box) for the Vegas card. They read: You control the house. By spending Vegas action, you may bet from 1 to 3 Plot Cards with any other player. Roll two dice. On a 6 or less, they win, and draw from your deck. On a 7 or more, you win, and you draw from their deck. -- Note now the numbers used for those rules. 1 + 3 + 6 + 7 = 17.  10/1/17

new  In plain sight not even trying to hide it - flaunting:

new  Said to have saved 30, to have been shot in the neck, called a hero, big interview moment comes and flashes a very clear very obvious zio-cabal 'eye-of-Horus' signal to the watching world:

new  Infamous "You're all going to die" interview - indelibly stamped with the 33-numerology by the channel 3 lady:

new  The math is correct. The numbers add up as shown. 527 + 58 + 47 + 32 + 2 = 666. The number of injured widely reported as 527 for 4-5 days seems now to have been changed to 489. Does changing numbers after the fact negate the ritual effect achieved originally? Seems not. Regardless this is noteworthy:

Real or staged - on the biggest stage yet seen, even the show capital of the world, Las Vegas. Let each viewer come to their own conclusions. This of course is just a small sample of what undoubtedly could be turned up. These events always have layer upon layer of hidden secrets built into them. On that perhaps more images will be added to this post later. For now....  Rev. 18:4
*Compare: Manchester Ariana Grande Hoax: 22 Yr-Old Terrorist 'Kills' 22 On The 22nd For A Perfect Skull And Bones 322 @ 22:30 W/223 Days Left In Year 5-22-17
Rev. 16:13 'And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet'


John Cole said...


Christsfreeservnt said...

What are your thoughts on these recent church shootings?



tom m. said...

First thought looking at the whole scenario - 'Sandy Hook' goes to church.

By that what is meant is that this would be a very elaborate production - as was Sandy Hook. Like SH, to create 'the stage' for this to play out on would mean pre-fabbing everything, years ahead. For SH it was 'a school' - this time it was 'a church'. Note also, a small church, i.e. cast of characters.

Pastor conveniently not there - which means he now likely becomes a 'champion of the causes' - mental health, police state takeover churches, etc. etc.. The deduction from that means likely they've got many angles that will now be played off this one...on an ongoing basis. Fake persecution one of those angles perhaps...

They already have an established YT and social media presence so the platform already exists too.

This of course a very brief summation (much more to it), to me seems the only possible way to view 'Sutherland Springs'

Everything scripted make believe - o-a-c always - znwo

Christsfreeservnt said...


Thanks for your response. I don't know if you noticed, or not, but the two links I shared with you were for 2 different church shootings. The first one took place 4 miles from where I live, and at the end of September of this year. The second one, which is the first link I shared, was the most recent one in TX. They parallel each other in some ways, one of which is that they both had a "hero" that emerged to save the day, i.e. to take down the killer and to prevent further casualties.

In the shooting here in Antioch, TN, the hero was a church member who they pictured in one news story wearing a superman shirt. In this shooting in TX, the hero looks more like a cowboy. In the Antioch shooting, one of the news stories I read seemed to be filled with "plays on words." For, example, the shooter's first name was Emanuel and last name was Samson, and he was a body builder (strong like Samson in the Bible). The church name was Burnette (burn it?) Church of Christ, etc. I made a list of all the ones that jumped out at me. I didn't notice that yet with this most recent story. The church here was a small country church. Only 1 person died. Her last name was Crow, I believe.

It does appear that both were most likely orchestrated, perhaps well in advance, as you suggest, and that they may be, at least, partially fake, but I am not certain they were completely fake. I would have no way of verifying that. I agree there is an agenda behind them, though.


tom m. said...

me..110% fake absolutely w/o a doubt through and through...not even a question about it. Hits on every agenda item perfectly...script is ridiculous to start with and they are still adding more twists daily.

Fake as batman, sandy, gabby, dylan spoof, las vegas, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. and keep going

the would-be zwo-ers got goals to accomplish and a plan to get it all done...and they are working it...