'Amazon Key': Echo Not Enough Amazon Now Wants Your House Key - Eyes AND Ears Inside The Home

Amazon Echo put ears in the house.* That very evidently was only phase one of the much bigger plan.** Now to go along with the ears they want eyes, and hands, and feet...in the houses too - and all they need is the key to the front door. Note also the nice little Amazon-camera is intended to be kept running 24/7:


*This post "Amazon Key" related to: Amazon Echo 'Murder Case' Psyop: The Walls Have Ears - And May Testify Against You...'Land Of The Giants' 1969 TV 1-8-17 "The walls have ears" is not just a saying anymore. Got a 'smart TV'? How about a 'smart' refrigerator, stove, washer/dryer? Got Cortana? Use 'smart-phone' AI 'personal assistants'? Want a self-driving car? No question about it there is a data bank out there somewhere in the dark nether-world aka 'the cloud' collecting it all and writing a book on you - and may one day want to get up close and personal to 'discuss' things ... Dystopian-Orwellian in-home blanket surveillance of the 'citizens' becomes all-encompassing. Exactly as planned. Intrigued with the neat little talking gadget [Amazon Echo]? It's not your friend.  See: 'Planned-opolis'

Amazon Echo, Smart TV's? - Land of the Giants 1969 "walls have ears"

'Land of the Giants' 2 yr. TV series '68-69 - follows the adventures of a crew from a spaceship that goes through a 'spacewarp' and lands in a dystopian future on a planet of giants and then must evade capture.

1:50 "under our form of government phones are tapped...the walls have ears"
2:00 "now they think I'm a loyal citizen"  [see post]


**Planned-opolis totalitarianism [link] is that much bigger plan. And the only plan. There is no other plan. And that plan won't stop with the key to the front door. Big Brother ZWO owns/controls it all is the only stop point. October 2017 the plan is this far.  fyi

Rev. 18:4

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