'The View' Pushes 'Noahide Law' Brainwash, Censors Name Of Jesus On 10/27/17 Show -- Kingdom Of Antichrist Agenda

'The View' tv-show mutes out the name of "Jesus" on their Friday 10-27-17 program. Apparently this story has created much controversy. This brief excerpt from an article on the story explains what it was all about:
‘The View’ chose to censor a name that immediately sent many in the audience to outrage
[excerpted] "During Friday’s episode of the ABC daytime talk show “The View,” a name was censored in a way that was far more offensive than if it had been allowed to be said...The hosts were discussing a British study that showed that many of the U.K.’s Christian citizens wanted to ignore four of The Ten Commandments, when co-host Paula Faris, a Christian, explained how things were in her house when she was a kid...But the show censored Jesus’s name from [her explanation - 4:24; 4:34 see video below] the broadcast..."

Muted out the name of Jesus, yes this is significant, but that was only one part of what was really going on here. What was really going on here was far broader in scope, actually a massive indoctrination of the viewing public, which surely is worldwide, for a specific purpose. Straight to the point this little skit was a Hegelian dialectic introduction of the Zionist agenda to convert the world to Noahide Law. Watching the video from the show this is easily discernible. Summarizing briefly, note the predominant theme woven in - 'we as 'the human race' now need to recognize that we need some type of moral code to live by ... not the 10 commandments though... and definitely not "Jesus" ... and [Whoopi Goldberg - 3:45] ...this is now the most important thing':

0:06 "Some people are wondering if a little editing [of the 10 commandments] is in order for the world we live in now..."

1:02 "I grew up a Catholic girl...you're supposed to follow the commandments...I mean they're not only...I think the basis of our Christianity...Christian faith...but also of the law... "

2:20 "...but I will tell you...when I was...the best piece of advice I ever got my dad told me this when I was fifteen and I lived by it and everyone in my family lives by it....he said don't lie cheat or steal everything else is fair game...and I think that's actually the commandment that if all of us just stuck by it might make life a little easier..."

3:45 "...but now I think the most important thing...if you're a Christian, if you're not a christian, if you're just a human being, a lot of these are great to live by..."

4:24, 4:34 - censors "Jesus" [muted]

4:55 "...these commandments like you said are universal in all doctrines of major religions...and I think as long as we try to lead....some kind of moral code...no matter what lens you view God....we'll be fine"

5:15 "...even if you don't believe in God there is still I think valid commandments...right?"

This image from above video tells the whole story better than a thousand words could: Note perfectly timed Twitter comment by Mariapeaceangel - "we need a moral code to live by for the good of humanity" ...at the very moment 'The View' speaker is flashing a Satanic horned-hand, who then gives her idea for a 'moral code': [2:28] "...don't lie cheat or steal everything else is fair game...":

A Satanic hand signal and a call for a "moral code for the good of humanity"
- The View pushes 'Noahide Law' 10-27-17
The dialectic always has a pre-determined outcome: We need a code, '10 commandments' are too many, how many then do we need, and what should they be? That "Noahide Law" is the pre-determined answer to all those questions is as simple to deduce as anything could ever be.

The takeaway is this: this little Hegelian exercise was hugely significant. It reveals very clearly that the move to actively begin the planned Noahide transition of the world has now gone 'live'. What exactly that transition is intended to look like fully completed was the topic of this post from January of this year:

Jewish 'Sanhedrin' Calls On Trump To 'Noahide Law' America - And World; i.e. Jump-Start Jewish World Rule 1-27-17 "Jewish Sanhedrin (unofficial ruling priesthood) calling on Trump to establish Noahide law? This now being 'trumpeted' out of Zionist headquarters is highly significant. The Zionist call for Noahide-law is nothing new. It's been going on for a long time. But the difference now is that, until now, all things were not as yet 'made ready'. The 'Trump show' though is the sign that 2017 this is no longer considered to be the case and that the ready-set-go Trump-Pence [trumpets] blast to close-the-deal on the whole program has been sounded. Fact is all world events, and hand picked politicians, have been carefully manipulated for centuries to bring about this one goal - a world kingdom ruled by Jews. Which then is to be governed by "Noahide law" for all non-Jews. Noahide law is foundational to the establishment of the 'kingdom' ... Based on the covenant God made with "Noah the gentile" after the flood (Gen. 9), it is a system of seven laws for the lesser species of all non-Jews, which they not so affectionately refer to as 'goyim'. Jews ruling, everybody else under Noahide law. Do research it..." -- [Jewish source Temple Mount Faithful: "...the Kingdom of G-d which will soon be established in Jerusalem, based on the holy laws of G-d. The Temple will again be the heart, soul and focus of Israel and the nations. Mashiach ben David will come and will be the king of Israel and the world." --- This "Messiah" the Talmud speaks of, and the "Mashiach ben David" - Messiah son of David - the Temple Mount Faithful speak of, will not though, be the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - the true Son of David [Matt. 1:1]. He will be another, and will not come in the name of the Father as did the Lord Jesus, but will come "in his own name" - John 5:43. Which is to say, not the real Christ, but the 'Anti-christ'.]" - see post

see also: "The Harbinger Is A Cahn Job" 2-1-13

Hid it in plain sight too - in plain 'View' - which means the Noahide brainwash propaganda has gone mainstream, which signals that the Noahide Law rollout is on. Know about it.  Rev. 18:4
Gal. 3:11-12 'But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith. And the law is not of faith...'

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Anonymous said...

Most people don't even know what the Noahide Law is, and therefore, do not even realize that GW Bush, Sr. made it into law and congress passed it back in the 1980's. So it can be implemented whenever "they" decide to move forward with their Kingdom of Antichrist Agenda. This law will certainly fit the beheading of those who will not worship the beast...tribulation saints! And yet the "powers that be" have everyone focused on ISIS. How convenient.