Las Vegas A Zio-Hoax Ritual - Number Of 'Killed', Injured, Guns, Floors, Windows Add Up To 666 The Proof

The math is correct. The numbers add up as shown. 527 + 58 + 47 + 32 + 2 = 666. The number of injured widely reported as 527 for 4-5 days seems now to have been changed to 489. Does changing numbers after the fact negate the ritual effect achieved originally? Seems not. Regardless this is noteworthy:


Las Vegas staged ritual ...no other possibility. Number of injured or 'dead' could not be controlled in a real shooting situation whether an inside job or real 'madman'. Number of weapons, floors, windows would have to be 'scripted in' to make the numerology work. For all the numbers to 'add up' so neatly as they do, only possible conclusion is massive Psyop-Hoax ritual completely acted out.
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Rev. 18:4

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