777 Russia 'Invades' Ukraine Exactly 7 yrs. 7 Months 7 Days After MH-17 'Shot Down' Over Ukraine - Zionist 'Great Reset' It's On ..Ritual-Style Scripted

[  updated 3-4]  This post related to: It's The Ordo Ab Chao Script: Fake Gog-Magog For Antichrist Jewish World Order 5-24-18 "'Fake Gog-Magog...Israel wins...claims divine deliverance in the victory, and with that the divinely-appointed right to rule the planet and mankind. That is the exact plan and is just as simple as that. This scenario at a later point will then give rise to the supposed Jewish king of the world. This personage though will not be what he appears to be and will in fact turn out to be the biblical Antichrist [link1; link2]... And on that note also understand - nothing will ever happen outside of that script. Whatever the plan, whatever the day, whatever the next phase after the one before, it will not come one day early, and will not come one day late - everything by magic-number formula on the magic-number day only [i.e. by 'numerology'] aka sorcery..'  --  Observe it [entire 'masterplan'] ..for exactly what it is. An over dramatized made-for-TV b-plot mega-production*..." [see full post]
Russia Ukraine And The Zionist "Great Reset" - Numeorogy Ritual Scripted All In On It

As stated in the quote directly above..nothing Zionist-global-agenda ever happens apart from the script, and no part of the script is ever done without the kabala-numerology. That's the black-magic voodoo they-do in pre-planning global-agenda events long in advance and scheduling them for exact witchcraft days. Perfect example this latest supposed global-crisis the supposed Russian invasion of Ukraine, beginning on the date 2-24-22. Fascinating fact this date is exactly 7 years 7 weeks and 7 days [777] after the supposed-alleged shoot-down of the Boeing 777 Malaysian Air MH-17 [Flight 17] over Ukraine back on 7-17-14. 777 numerology all over it but that is not the only thing connecting these two events, there is also very evident symbology tying the whole thing together in dark ritual fashion, as this screenshot just below shows [source linked below]:

Note on logo the inner part is the trident - overall looks to be flying; screenshot source
7 years 7 months 7 days
Malaysian Air only airline with a Trident logo - like Ukraine

The possibility of these events happening by random chance can be absolutely ruled out. This Russia-Ukraine 'global crisis' - aka WWIII threat to the world - is obviously as scripted as it gets: The only airline with a Trident logo is allegedly-supposedly shot down over Ukraine. Russia is blamed for it by the MSM [fact is that story was so full of anomalies it undoubtedly is fiction also - see: MH-17 Make Believe]. A Boeing 777 with a trident, numbered flight 17, on 7-17 [777] 2014 [2x7]. Ukraine Coat of Arms a trident. The 777 numerology connection with the 777 time period fulfilled on the exact day that Russia (supposedly) invades Ukraine. 777 is the number that signifies ordo-ab-chao in kabala sorcery by the way...

So what is really happening in Ukraine? Reality is it is not possible to accept as truth anything being reported about Russia-invades-Ukraine 2022. It is manfactured, orchestrated, a production, for the agenda. The agenda is 'Zion'. Russia was taken over by Zionists in 1917. Zionists never relinquish any control. Without a doubt Ukraine (*with Hollywood-connected ex-comedian/actor 'president Zelensky') is Zionist controlled also. By the way, how many people realize China is also Zionist-controlled? That Zionists put Mao in power in 1949 and then converted China into a communist regime, now called the CCP? Called it the 'greatest social experiment in the history of mankind'. That's another topic though so won't elaborate on it now. While we're at it, they invented North Korea too. These things are true. The Zionists have been at this for a long time. They are running the whole show. This is now the end game - see linked post at top - the fake Gog Magog is being readied. Note: Beware the army of so-called preachers parroting the false Gog-Magog narrative from every branch of the apostate mustard-seed tree of khristendumb - caw caw [Matt. 13:31-32]. They are either judaizing ignorant or intentional deceivers. Either way they are false. Gog-Magog can not happen for at least another 1000 years [link]. Another very important point on this subject not to be missed: Russia is NOT in the bible [link].

Back to Russia - Ukraine supposed invasion 2022. The story as reported is just an official narrative. A narrative is of course necessary for any scripted production in order to implement the goal. That is what is happening in Ukraine - a narrative [see: The Script]. Nothing nothing nothing can be accepted at face value. No images, no reports, nothing. It is a stage show. Some real destruction, yes, is not only very possible, but should in reality be expected, because that is how the 'change' is accomplished. The 'old order' must be destroyed so the 'new order' can rise from the rubble. Choreographed 'war' to force populations out of geographic regions and then wrecking the towns and cities accomplishes this old-order destruction. The plan is to do it worldwide. And call it WWIII*. Again, all are in on it [see link at bottom Trump - Putin 777**].

The reality of world events today is that everything has been designed to accomplish this - the next phase of the so-called 'great reset'. The only reset though is the 'great Zionist-reset'. To complete that plan the entire existing world system must be collapsed. Destroy it completely, set up 'Zion', rule as kings, everyone else slaves [link]. It won't happen by itself. Everything the world is now being subjected to is the outworking of the plan to bring this about. That is the entire explanation. Years of posts on this blog on all these topics so rather than repeat here are some links if interested:


*(Cont. from post linked at top 'Fake Gog Magog':) Take down the world, rise up the New Babylon II of Devils and men who would be 'gods'. That is the one only goal and absolutely every event is krafted to further it. It is very late in the game too, now. Politically most everything is in place. The governments of the nations are all on board - all of them - they are all in on it together... And while this is true, it does not mean that the populations of the various countries would gladly accept the 666-future planned for them by the self-deluded would-be god-men who are behind it all. No, this is what the third and final "World-War" has been designed for - in order to collapse the 'old-order' completely. From the wreckage the plan calls for the restructuring into a true "one world government" - just as is prophesied in the Holy Bible. As some may recall, exactly this was the very theme of the 2012 London Olympics: [see full post]

The Olympic cauldron was made up of 204 separate petals, each one a separate flame, and
each representing one of the nations of the world. It was from these 204 flames, just about to be
, that the 'phoenix' was made to rise. The 'hidden message' could not be any clearer; see:
London 'Zion' 2012 Closing Ceremony - Phoenix Rises, Antichrist Out Of Bottomless Pit 8-13-12

**See especially: They're All In On It: Putin Exactly 777 Months Old On 7-7-17 1st Trump meeting - 1888 Days In Office; And NK Hoax 7-8-17 "Putin 777 months old exactly first ever meeting with 777-Trump on 7-7-17. Once again impossible numerology - naturally occurring that is, which reveals all to be a long in planning, very carefully constructed production. Inauguration Day 2017 Trump was exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old from his given birth date. Obama on the same day was in his 666th month from his given birth date [see link at top], and now we have Russia's Putin, on the 'historic' 7-7-17 first meeting between himself and 777-Trump, being exactly 777 months old from his given birth date of 10-7-52:" [see post]
- - -
Note: a couple of things in closing - The picture just above from the 2012 London Zion-Olympics makes the ZWO objective as clear as it could ever be. Symbolically the entire existing world system burned to ash with the Phoenix of the new-Zion-order rising up in it's place. Understand that...and do not forget it - the rest is simple. Everything is being created to accomplish exactly what that little ritual depicted. Second, in the screenshot at top of this post - talking about the trident - the author mentions a three-pronged fork used by the wicked sons of Eli the high priest as recorded in the Bible in the book of 1st Samuel. The scripture passage is 1st Samuel 2:12-14. This is an account of the sacrificial offerings of the Jewish temple being defiled by the priesthood. A "fleshhook of three teeth" was used by the sons of Eli to take from the offerings what did not belong to them. The end result was the family of Eli lost the priesthood, the Philistines attacked Israel, captured the ark, and Eli and both sons died [1 Samuel 4:16-18]. Make of it what you will.

see all: 777

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Rev. 18:4
Deut. 18:9-12 'When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD...'  [*they didn't listen]

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