Pro Sports Over: NBA Sacramento Kings Open World's First 'Transgender' Arena - All Open Bathrooms

Follow up on: Pro Sports Absolutely Done: Every Major League Pledges Allegiance To LGBT At 8-9-16 Conference 8-12-16 "Beyond Sport United...backed by US major leagues MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL & WNBA ... Dark Reality 2016: It's over, done, gone. See the picture above [league logos; see post]. See who exactly are the "founding supporters"? ...Got to let it go. To hang on is to accept the "agenda". The agenda essentially is to mentally "sodomize" the multitudes of diehard sports fans across the globe. That is the harsh reality of what is about to get underway..." [see post]
updated  [article sent in by reader Thomas D. in Sacramento, who wrote: "Due to design of these bathrooms, regular heterosexual married folks who may not want to share a bathroom with people of the opposite sex will be forced to share a bathroom with people of the opposite sex because there are no designations for men and women at all. People will just use the first one they see out of convenience and men and women will end up in the same bathroom."]

Sacramento's New Golden 1 Center Is 1st Arena In World To Have 'Genderless' Bathrooms

A $700 million sports stadium’s fitout has ensured the Sacramento Kings basketball team’s arena toilets are open for use to all fans: kings, queens and anything in between. In what’s believed to be a feature not found in any other sports stadium in the world, the Kings’ new arena. Golden 1 Center, features 23 single-occupancy rest rooms bearing the label “all-gender”.

And it doesn’t stop there: any fan is welcome to use any of the 54 multiple-occupancy toilets, whatever their gender...The access all areas move has been hailed by transgender-rights supporters, the Sacramento Bee reports.

“Although family-friendly rest rooms have been around for years, allowing either parent to enter with a young child, transgender advocates said Golden 1’s accommodations make a statement about the Kings’ desire for inclusiveness,” the newspaper said.

The Kings “wanted to ensure the very best fan experience for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” said team chairman Vivek Ranadive in a statement.

Only going to get worse...and worse - which is to say, blatantly more and more in-your-face. And fact is it has already started; see:

Neil Patrick Harris 'Gay-Solicitation' Heineken Commercials - It's Official This Is Now Sodom And Gomorrah 9-19-16 "[Harris/Heineken]...beer commercials that have been played repeatedly of late during sporting events. Not only pro but college level also. Without question the demographic for the 'beer commercial' is going to be primarily the sports-minded male, aka the beer-drinkers. Weaving the homosexual-theme into commercials played during sporting events...Which brings up the issue of these commercials by openly-gay spokesman Neil Patrick Harris. These commercials take the 'gay theme' to a whole new level. Not the standard 'acceptance' based portrayal, as the usual, these new Heineken commercials are portraying overt and aggressive solicitation of actual sodomite acts...Sports fan, do you understand that it is you that is being solicited? When you can no longer continue to partake of 'sports fandom' without being assaulted by sodomite-solicitation, there really is only one option. That option is to face the reality that Pro Sports, and college level too, are done. It's over...[see post, videos]

Time to take your ball and go home sports fans. It's over.

Rev. 18:4

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