Big: 'Paris Agreement' Ratified 10/5/16 - World Law Begins Nov. 4; Gog-Magog WWIII Hoax Of The Centuries, Zionist Russia

This post is an excerpt. Full original posted on 10-5-16 Day of Ratification linked below. Note: November 4, 2016 - nothing visible, almost all completely unaware, but this world changes forever:
Historic 'Paris Agreement' Ratified 10-5-16

A sweeping global agreement to combat climate change by shifting the world economy away from fossil fuels will take force next month after passing a threshold for ratification on Wednesday with support from European nations.

Support for the Paris Agreement has widened to nations representing 56.75 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions, above the 55 percent needed for implementation, a U.N. website showed.

The Paris Agreement will take force just before [11-4-16] the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 8.

"Does not get any bigger than this. This represents a de-facto one-world-government. That absolutely is the bottom line. For the first time in the history of the 'modern' world Global Law is now in place. Using fake climate-change as the means-to-the-end to create the global regulatory system which would grant the control, the majority of the nations of the world are now surrendered to an authority superseding their national sovereignty... It is the scam of the ages. It is also bible prophecy [see post] - believe it or not."

[creating global regulatory system only part of the]...plan to establish totalitarian control [link], there is still one more major thing to do. That would be the finalization of the collapse of the existing world system - which is where the still-future orchestrated WWIII* comes into the picture..."

The Olympic cauldron was made up of 204 separate petals, each one a separate flame, and
each representing one of the nations of the world. It was from these 204 flames, just about to be
, that the 'phoenix' was made to rise. The 'hidden message' could not be any clearer; see:
London 'Zion' 2012 Closing Ceremony - Phoenix Rises, Antichrist Out Of Bottomless Pit 8-13-12
"*On the coming orchestrated WWIII...Is there a looming conflict between Russia and the USA...Problem with this is that both Russia and the USA are Zionist-controlled countries. The fact is, which few actually realize, is that the government and country of Russia was completely taken over by the Jewish-Zionist movement in the Jewish-Bolshevik [Bolshevik (a new 'political party') = Zionist] manufactured Russian Revolution of 1917...so then if Zionist Russia (and teammates) goes to war with Zionist USA/Israel or ultimately Israel itself - who wins?"

Full post: Paris 10-5-16
11-4-16 update: 11-4-16 One-World-Government aka Paris Agreement Begins - Next Is COP22 In 'Sacred Energy Site' Marrakesh Nov. 7-18

11-7-16 update: Marrakesh Express: Paris-ites 'Sacred Energy' COP22 Begins, 1st-Ever 'World Climate Pact' Next 11-15; Kabal-Kingdom Now 11-7-16

Rev. 18:4


Cyrus said...


The reason so many revolutionary jews were born in that western part of the Russian empire... Catherine the Great [who had inherited a lot of jews after winning a war against Poland] created the "Pale of Settlement" to contain the jew-horde to that area.

Around the turn of the 20th century, millions of Russian jews immigrated to the USA.

Revolutionary Russian jews allied with the US government to foster war [WW1] and revolution in Europe.

President T. Roosevelt demanded Tsar Nicholas II allow back in these revolutionary jews.

When the Tsar refused, Roosevelt broke an economic treaty with Russia.

This was one of the bigger 'thousand cuts' the US and its jew allies used to destroy the Russian empire.

Just a few weeks after the February revolution deposed and imprisoned Russia's Tsar,
President Wilson in his famous war speech to congress praised those revolutionaries
and called them America's "partner."

" WARNING TO NEW RUSSIA.; Taft Commends Jewish Efforts for Liberated People.

Ex-President Taft applauded vigorously last night when Jacob H. Schiff, at a dinner of the "American Jewish Friends of Free Russia," praised Theodore Roosevelt for his efforts, while President, to bring the Russian autocracy to a realization of the wrongs committed against Jewish subjects. "


" Dinner in Honor of Revolution

Ex-President Taft applauded vigorously last Thursday night when Jacob H. Schiff, at a dinner of the "American Jewish Friends of Free Russia," praised Theodore Roosevelt for his efforts, while President, to bring the Russian autocracy to a realization of the wrongs committed against Jewish subjects. There was another outburst of applause when Mr. Schiff, introduced by the toastmaster as a "Russian Revolutionist," asserted that, in his opinion, the abrogation of the treaty between the United States and Russia because of discrimination against American citizens of Jewish birth was the inspiration which, to a great extent, ultimately brought about the overthrow of the Romanoffs."


Other immigrant jews became Hollywood moguls who... as VP Biden recently admitted...
turned American culture into jew culture = degenerate antichrist cultural marxism.

"An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood is a non-fiction book whose topic is the careers of several prominent Jewish film producers in the early years of Hollywood. Author Neal Gabler focuses on the psychological motivations of these film moguls, arguing that their background as Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe shaped their careers and influenced the movies they made. "



Anonymous said...

So, is it a coincidence the big "spirit cooking" Wikileak hit the press today? What bigger diversion could you ask for?

tom m. said...

re: diversion (anon comment directly above)

not only diversion though...it is another level of the ongoing 'satanic initiation of the world' being disguised as the U.S. presidential election - subjecting all young and old to the rudest darkest nastiest possible things to the point that the 'shock' is gone. This was the subject of this recent post:

Satanic Initiation Election 2016 10-15-16

Rev. 18:4