Why 'Hurricane Matthew' Unprecedented "Storm Surge" Hype? Man-Made Storm Surges For Agenda 21 Goals?

Storm surge - storm surge - storm surge - everywhere you turn it's "storm surge". No escaping it. To the point of being a chant. Without question storm-surge hype has been taken to a whole new level this week with the massively hyped mysterious-acting "Hurricane Matthew". As evidenced by the posted article below and video, the hype has now even become a national educational campaign to instruct the public-at-large on the danger of "storm surges":
What You Need to Know About Hurricane Matthew's Storm Surge

Hurricane Matthew is forecast to bring potentially devastating storm surge today from Cape Canaveral, Florida, all the way to Charleston, South Carolina, according to forecasts.

The National Weather Service warned that Florida could see storm surges worse than the devastation New Jersey and New York saw during the deadly Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

[Note the nephilim/giant imagery used in the below video: msm story-teller Zee standing on the continent, larger than the storm - gods on earth is the subtle message intended - Isaiah 10:33]

note: video vanished - this a saved screenshot; two images below screenshots same vid
"Storm surge is basically water piling up along the shore ahead of, and inside, the hurricane," ABC News meteorologist Ginger Zee said.

"Many of you will remember Hurricane Sandy, where initially people thought this doesn't look as bad as we thought and then suddenly you get massive storm surge and a lot of people were severely affected..."

Don't worry about hurricanes - all you need to know is that storm surges
are real - so when the hurricane misses but your coastal community is
washed away by a 20-foot wall of water - it was a "storm surge"
How is it that until only relatively recently no one had ever heard of a "storm surge". Hurricanes had come and gone over the past decades but never was there any mention of any thing called a storm surge...or the tsunami-like after effects. But now suddenly 'storm surges' up to 20 feet should be considered as normally occurring with a hurricane - the people of planet earth are told. It's the leading edge of the storm you see, it causes the water to build up and then inundate the shoreline. Never mind that this sort of thing never happened before though - they are going to be happening all the time from now on....and this everybody must understand.

Can a hurricane really displace water? Wind blowing across the surface of the ocean can certainly create large surf, but large surf, even very large surf, does not displace water. Large storm-surf hitting the beach does not inundate entire communities. Only water that is displaced in large volumes at once can move ashore far enough and with enough volume to inundate communities. For instance, if a large section of the ocean floor, part of the shelf, were to suddenly drop, this would displace a massive volume of water 'at once'. This creates a 'chunk' of liquid real estate, if you will, a tremendous volume of width, length, and height which moves very suddenly all at once, and the force from this can push water up into places it could otherwise never reach. This is called a tsunami. Naturally occurring shelf movement caused by a real earthquake is about the only way this type of displacement could happen, except for, the known tsunami-bomb method used for man-made tsunamis [link]. Wind blowing across the surface? Does not displace water. Create very large ocean waves? - absolutely, but again, ocean waves do not displace any water. When you see huge ocean swells pass under a ship the ship will rise and then go back down but stay in the same location. The water is not actually moving, it is not displaced. It is actually the energy generated by that wind that is moving through the medium of the water. It does so as a 'wave' of pure energy. Only when this energy-wave finally hits the shoreline does it then form into a breaking wave. No water is ever displaced.

Cui bono? Most interesting thing about all this is that inundated coastlines, it just so happens, are very Agenda 21 helpful. So-called 'Superstorm' Sandy, now being used endlessly as 'the example' to push the new storm-surge citizen-training program, proved this to be exactly the case. The below post dated 6-9-13 documented the very clear Agenda 21 gains facilitated after-the-fact by the absolutely unprecedented anomalous behaviour and out-of-nowhere storm surge - pretty much a first-of-it's kind - of the anomaly called 'SuperStormSandy':

Sandy Update: New FEMA Maps And New 'Flood Act' Passed Pre-Sandy Threatening Prohibitive Costs To Rebuild 6-9-13 "The track of Hurricane Sandy was unprecedented in the historical record...a Sandy-esque dramatic left hook toward the coast" [link] - "New federal flood maps approved Thursday that will govern rebuilding in the state following superstorm Sandy leaves many residents with a tough choice...The new guidelines will force homeowners in flood zones to spend tens of thousands of dollars to raise their houses now or pay exorbitant premiums of up to $31,000 a year for flood insurance later" ...Cui bono? "Governing rebuilding" is Agenda 21 speak. -- Biggert-Waters (bigger waters?) Flood Insurance Reform Act [was the name of the act ] passed a few months before 'post-tropical' storm Sandy -- and FEMA's revised flood plain maps "putting almost every town in a more stringent zone" already in the works. -- Displacing populations and reclaiming desired geographic regions are Agenda 21 goals. Thousands of people still out of their homes in New Jersey, and now they are faced with new regulations, new zoning, exorbitant costs, and government dictating - Agenda 21 in action -- One thing very clear though, those coastal areas, where people have lived for generations without a problem, will never be the same - all because of anomalous 'Sandy' with it's claimed "Sandy Hook" [see post]
Storm surge? What's a storm surge? Typhoon Haiyan November 2013 the Philippines found out all about it:

Philippines: "It Was Like A Tsunami" - Was it One? 11-10-13 "Mr Leo Dacaynos of the provincial disaster office on Samar Island said yesterday that the storm surge resulted in sea waters rising to 20ft, totally submerging small towns and villages...A ship was washed ashore in the huge storm. Surging sea water strewed debris for miles and survivors said the devastation was like a tsunami" [see post]

In November 2013 the Philippines was devastated by so-called monster 'typhoon' Haiyan, also called "Yolanda". Strange thing about it though was that the real damage throughout the islands was not done by high winds but by the so-called "storm surge" [:09; 1:50]:

Video dated November 8, 2013 - Apparently there is no word or phrase in the Filipino language for "storm surge". Wonder why. Easy - this was the first-ever so-called "storm surge" the Filipino people had ever seen - despite, no doubt, having seen hundreds of tropical storms including numerous typhoons through recorded history.  [3rd replacement video - they keep vanishing]
The 'storm surge' is now a normal expected thing - the public is now instructed. Coastal areas wiped out? Don't think twice storm surge storm surge - whether or not the ridiculously-heavily msm-hyped Monster-Storm itself ever even hits land. Doesn't matter peoples, the 'storm surge' can still come. This is the new-normal in Agenda21-takeover land globalettes. That is what you are to believe at least.

Surges real or man made? see: Geoengineered Tsunamis, 'Storm Surges'? 1999 Rescue Heroes Cartoon Demonstrates A 'Tsunami Bomb' 12-27-12 "...'Superstorm Sandy' wreaked havoc on the East Coast, primarily by it's "modern record" "storm surge" - a 14-foot wall of water the likes of which had never been seen previously as the result of a hurricane. But no sooner than this 'storm surge' precedent had been set, the claim is now made that this type of event is actually to be seen as something of a 'new normal' due to, of course, global warming; and that 'coastal inundation' as a result of superstorm hurricane-cyclones, hereafter to be known as "Black Swans", should be expected across the globe...Strange how tsunamis are becoming, and in fact have already become more commonplace than ever before in recorded history. Might even be a cause to wonder if tsunamis and/or 'storm surges' can be 'geoengineered'? ... Well, oddly enough, a popular children's cartoon show from 1999/2000 that is currently being re-aired just so happens to demonstrate the 'geoengineering' of a tsunami -- But...if giant storm surges from 'Superstorms', or Black Swan super-cyclones, or tsunamis inundate coastal areas, and forward Agenda 21 goals*, even though it never happened before, it is due to global warming. What else could it be" [see post]
10-10-16 follow up: Storm Surges The 'New Normal' Says New Published Study - Up To 17-Times More; Or Agenda 21 Geoengineered?

also: North Carolina 'Matthew' Flooding? 1-Yr. Flashback: South Carolina Devastated By "1000-Yr. Storm" - Agenda 21 Style 10-13-16 "The 'killer hurricane' that never was...Why did such disastrous flooding occur in a state where Matthew never made landfall, and why are we still seeing new floods more than four days after the storm moved out to sea?"
Jeremiah 5:22 'Fear ye not me? saith the LORD: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?'

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