Huge: "Paris Agreement" Ratified - 'Global Law' In 30 Days - Scam Of The Ages To Raise Zio-Kingdom Come; Zio-Russia

Historic 'Paris Agreement' Ratified 10-5-16

A sweeping global agreement to combat climate change by shifting the world economy away from fossil fuels will take force next month after passing a threshold for ratification on Wednesday with support from European nations.

Support for the Paris Agreement has widened to nations representing 56.75 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions, above the 55 percent needed for implementation, a U.N. website showed. The deal will formally start in 30 days.

European Union countries including Germany, France and Slovakia, which have completed domestic ratification, helped trigger the formal entry into force after a green light from the European Parliament on Tuesday.

However, there has been some political pushback in the U.S. from congressional Republicans who question whether the president needed sign off from the Hill to agree to the deal. The White House [sic] there is precedent to sign this type of executive agreement.

The Paris Agreement will take force just before [11-4-16] the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 8. Republican Donald Trump opposes the accord while Democrat Hillary Clinton is a strong supporter.

re: 'White House...executive agreement'

"A sweeping global agreement". By 'decree' for the USA note especially. Does not get any bigger than this. This represents a de-facto one-world-government. That absolutely is the bottom line. For the first time in the history of the 'modern' world Global Law is now in place. Using fake climate-change as the means-to-the-end to create the global regulatory system which would grant the control, the majority of the nations of the world are now surrendered to an authority superseding their national sovereignty. Controlled by a global entity that will now dictate to all this new global-regulatory-system created to 'save the planet'. Create a global governing authority to save the planet from 'greenhouse gas'? It is the scam of the ages. It is also bible prophecy - believe it or not [follow links, connect dots]. This post below marked the 'historic' occasion when the now-ratified a-green-ment was first historically agreed-to December 12, 2015:

This post is a follow up on: COP21 'Agreen-ment' Done: On '13th' Day 196 Nations Submit Sovereignty To Green 'World Law' - Scam Of The Ages 12-12-15 "...a recent post regarding a 1140 page UN document published in 1995, related to Agenda 21, called the “Biodiversity Assessment Report”. The UN report identifies all the things that are to be done away with - because of "greenhouse gas" ... A careful purview of the above list ... [see post] ... makes very clear that what has just come out of the "13-day" Paris COP21 is absolutely a "historic turning point". And here's where that point is now "turning": the itemized list above is no longer a 'wish list'. It is now a global contract. The vast majority of the nations on planet earth are now joined in a "legally binding" [see video @ article link] global-government agreen-ment... The real agenda though, as it is quite transparent, is to 'bind' all the people of the planet by stripping them of all autonomy, i.e. locking them down by ultimately removing all 'modern conveniences' [see post; list] --- As to the full accomplishment of this plan to establish totalitarian control, there is still one more major thing to do. That would be the finalization of the collapse of the existing world system - which is where the still-future orchestrated WWIII* [link] comes into the picture. The Zionist novus-ordo-seclorum 'phoenix' can not rise on the stage of human history except it be from the ashes of the burned-up 'old order'. This very message was unmistakably sent during the closing ceremony of the 2012 London 'Zion' Olympics:

The Olympic cauldron was made up of 204 separate petals, each one a separate flame, and
each representing one of the nations of the world. It was from these 204 flames, just about to be
, that the 'phoenix' was made to rise. The 'hidden message' could not be any clearer; see:
London 'Zion' 2012 Closing Ceremony - Phoenix Rises, Antichrist Out Of Bottomless Pit 8-13-12
*On the coming orchestrated WWIII designed to finish the job, as mentioned in 'COP21' above, i.e. the long-planned fake Gog-Magog, many still do not realize the very clear reality of what is being played out on the global stage. And it is a stage. Is there a looming conflict between Russia and the USA as all the headlines would now have John Q. Public believe? Think? Problem with this is that both Russia and the USA are Zionist-controlled countries. The fact is, which few actually realize, is that the government and country of Russia was completely taken over by the Jewish-Zionist movement in the Jewish-Bolshevik manufactured Russian Revolution of 1917. This is well documented history, even though disputed by 'Zionist' sources. Easily proven true though with a little research. To think that that control has been somehow relinquished somewhere along the way over the last 100 years is simply not realistic. The infiltration then conquest of the nation of Russia was a major accomplishment for the global-kingdom aspiring Zionist movement [link]. There is not the slightest possibility of any of that control having ever been relinquished. So then the question is, if Zionist Russia (and teammates) goes to war with Zionist USA/Israel or ultimately Israel itself - who wins? Exactly.

Rev. 18:4

[follow links connect dots]
11-4-16 update: 11-4-16 One-World-Government aka Paris Agreement Begins - Next Is COP22 In 'Sacred Energy Site' Marrakesh Nov. 7-18

11-7-16 update: Marrakesh Express: Paris-ites 'Sacred Energy' COP22 Begins, 1st-Ever 'World Climate Pact' Next 11-15; Kabal-Kingdom Now 11-7-16
Bible prophecy:  'Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces' Dan. 7:23; and then: - ten kings shall arise Dan. 7:24

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