10-13-15 Australia Becomes Land Of Orwell: Unlimited Digital Surveillance Becomes Law Today

Reposted from 9-1-15...because today is the day - Australia officially converted to ZNWO open-Orwellianism. Definitely an historic day down under:
Data retention and the end of Australians' digital privacy

[Excerpted] The digital privacy of Australians ends from Tuesday, October 13.

"So, the fact that you visited a porn site or infidelity site Ashley Madison or 'jihadi' content sites, may in effect be discoverable without the need for a warrant."

On that day this country's entire communications industry will be turned into a surveillance and monitoring arm of at least 21 agencies of executive government. The electronically logged data of mobile, landline voice (including missed and failed) calls and text messages, all emails, download volumes and location information will be mandatorily retained by Australian telcos and ISPs.

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies will have immediate, warrantless and accumulating access to all telephone and internet metadata required by law, with a $2 million penalty for telcos and ISPs that don't comply.

There is nothing in the Act to prevent investigative "fishing expeditions" or systemic abuse of power except for retrospective oversight by the Commonwealth Ombudsman. That's if you somehow found out about an agency looking into your metadata - which is unlikely, as there's a two-year jail sentence for anyone caught revealing information about instances of metadata access.

People are being asked by the Federal Parliament to accept that this regime of agency access is vitally necessary for national security at a time of geo-political tension, jihadi recruitment and the war on terror.

Over time, your metadata will expose your private email, SMS [texts] and fixed-line caller traffic, consumer, work and professional activities and habits, showing the patterns of all your communications, your commercial transactions and monetised subscriptions or downloads, exactly who you communicate with, and how often.

The collected data must be retained for two years by this country's 395 registered carriers, 230 of which are considered operationally active and hundreds of so called "carriage service providers". Compliance will apply to anyone who provides access to the internet to third parties, the exact number, no one really knows.

Australian providers of email services will be required to keep records about each email sent and received by a subscriber, but popular overseas services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo are exempt.

Call information, numbers dialled, rough location, dates and times of all SMS messages sent and received by a mobile phone subscriber must be retained.

The new law does not allow any agency at unauthorised will to tap your phone, read your texts or watch you in real time as you use email, do your online banking or browse the internet. While technology now being implemented by the industry will have this invasive real-time capability, it is not lawful in Australia without a court-ordered warrant. But if the digital footprint you are creating raises suspicion after an examination of your metadata, the retained evidence may be grounds for a digital surveillance or phone tap warrant to be issued. The Telecommunications Interception Act requires all communications providers to have a real time interception capability. So it is one small (lawful) step from metadata collection to interception and continuous surveillance. For obvious operational reasons surveillance warrants issued by the courts are top secret.

This post a follow up, related to: Egypt Enacts New Totalitarian 'Anti-Terrorism' Laws 8-16-15 -- Following UK, Spain 8-8-15 "The bogus 'Global War On Terror' (GWOT), so many long years in the outworking, now entering into it's end game - the actual implementation of draconian dictatorial controls country by country. In this latest example, Egypt enacting new measures regarding police and military immunity, which obviously allows for unaccountable heavy handedness, and huge penalties for any that contradict official versions of the latest false flags. That, people, clear and simple, in any language, is totalitarianism. All made possible by illusion. Compliments of ABCCBSNBCFoxMSNBCCNN and their local affiliates in YourTownAnywhereOnPlanetEarth. Manufactured fresh daily....Egypt is just the latest. The UK and Spain very recently began their own transition into full-fledged totalitarianism also...because uh um...oh yeah, same reason as Egypt...terrorists terrorists and more terrorists...and...um yeah yeah...that's it...[see post]
Not much need be added to what is above. It is very plain. Once again, necessary for "national security" due to "the war on terror"...is the official explanation. That's their story and they're sticking to it. Living in a make-believe world. One note: some would say that this type of thing is already going on and has been for some time. Whether that be the case or not, there is a huge difference in making the practice legal versus covert. Legal allows self-awarded tyrannical power.

Bogus GWOT or putting digital straightjackets on the 'minions' [link]? Wonder which one is really the truth. Not a hard question. Only thing more to mention here might be to remind again that the plan is global. Digital straightjackets for the world. Be aware...it's no conspiracy theory anymore.
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 62:11 'God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.'

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