Global-Citizen 'Drones' By Drone: CA Company Seeks To Deliver Marijuana By Drone

Pot From Above: San Francisco Entrepreneurs To Deliver Weed By Drone Using Bitcoin

[excerpted] A company called Trees may soon represent the perfect confluence of technology, libertarianism, and enthusiasm for an ancient psychoactive plant.

Trees, which currently delivers high-grade cannabis to the homes of Bay Area medical patients, wants to take this service to the next level by using drones for delivery. That in itself would be novel, but the kicker is that people could use Bitcoin—a cryptocurrency that exists outside of government control—for payment. When you press a button on your smartphone’s Bitswitch app, the drone will drop the neatly packaged product into your lap.

That is, if CEO Marshall Hayner can get around the Federal Aviation Administration’s prohibition against using drone delivery for profit. Hayner is seeking a 333 exemption, which the FAA gave to Amazon so it could test delivery drones.

Drug dealing drones...at the push of a button (note video beginning). What a novel idea. Making 'drones' out of the 'minions', and using drones to do it. Only in Babylon. Somebody must be getting a good laugh out of that one. Suppose when the idea was first suggested the nay-sayers said it'll never fly? Well, they're out to prove that wrong. Get 'em stoned, keep 'em stoned. In fact, why not drop it right in their laps. Mind-numbed genderless drones as the ideal global citizen [see: 'because you're a minion']. They're working overtime on it.

Compare: 'Global Leaders' Now Pushing To Legalize Pot And Cocaine Worldwide - Government Regulated 9-9-14 "...what could possibly be the real reason for the sudden push to 'get America [and the world] stoned'? The answer to that question is painfully obvious. Smoking marijuana makes people "dumb and numb" - which is why they call it 'dope' - which is exactly how the NWO-ites want their "useless eater" slaves during these late (final) stages of transition from old order to new order - dopey - they are so much easier to control that way. Legalize it, and hurry up about it, says the novus ordo seclorum..."

Also: The Stoning Of Amerika: Federal Government Ends Ban On "Medical Marijuana" - Clearing Way For 'Full Legalization' 12-27-14 "The "war on medical marijuana is over", says Drug Policy Alliance lobbyist Bill Piper, and "now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana". Bill Piper? Sounds like a play on words about the bill they just passed - opening the door for the 'marijuana-pipers', or perhaps even a little twist about collecting lots of drug money out of the deal too...like 'billing' the pipers? The reality though is that the "fight" to legalize drugs is already fixed. As has now become clearly evident, endorsing drug use by the populations of the world is actually a major agenda item for the novus ordo seclorum would-be masters of humanity. Full government sanction of "medical marijuana" clears the way for that agenda. Drug 'em all into submission seems to be the strategy...[see post]

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 50:46 'At the noise of the taking of Babylon the earth is moved, and the cry is heard among the nations'

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