Shark Psyop Latest: 'First Time Ever Seen' - Great Whites "Aggregating" 100-Yds Off CA Beaches - 'Experts' Worried

Follow up on: Shark Psyop Series: 10-9-15 Oahu Shark Attack Happens While Shark-Attack Documentary Filmed; And "Jaws 19", Back To The Future II 10-12-15 "Jaws made you afraid to go in the water...Jaws II made you afraid to go back in the water...Jaws 8 made you afraid of robotic sharks...and then [the video] runs through the list up to Jaws 19 with this very interesting statement: "the oceans are disappearing and to save their home the sharks must attack...Jaws 19...this time it's really really personal"...There it is - the zio-global agenda, all neatly wrapped up in that one statement -- getting 'humans' out of the ocean is Agenda 21. What is also clear is that Agenda 21 will never happen by itself. Another thing that seems to be a fact is that 'strange' shark-incidents seem to be increasing in a similar manner to the way in which staged-scripted random-shooting type events have now become a regular thing...[Jaws 19] COMING SOON say they. Which brings up a question: Any reason to doubt that? -- On that note of being "personal", there have been numerous shark-encounter type stories of late, too many to always post something on, but there is one in particular worth mentioning here as it illustrates perfectly the "personal" shark-psyop propaganda being put out increasingly. It was late September of this year 2015 that a story came out and got a lot of attention. As the story was reported, with a little nondescript video to go along with it, a kayak-fisherman off the coast of California had an encounter with a 'very aggressive' shark that, it is said, would not go away. According to this story the man paddled his kayak to the beach and the shark "stalked" him all the way back to shore and then swam back and forth in the shallow water as if to warn him to stay out [link]. This of course is beyond ridiculous. Nonetheless it made all the msm news cycles for a couple of days. Psyops are progressive. [see post]
Large cluster of great whites surprises, concerns shark experts

A cluster of some 20 great white sharks was recently spotted by the U.S. Coast Guard off Pacifica and Ocean Beach, an unusually large gathering that has heightened concerns about the safety of local swimmers, wind surfers and kayakers.

The sharks — many of which were between 10 and 18 feet long — were seen swimming together last week only about 100 yards offshore. Mary Jane Schramm, spokeswoman for the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, said....

“This is the first I’d heard of near-shore aggregating in such an urban area,” said Schramm, who could not recall ever seeing so many large sharks in one place".

“An unusual number of juvenile white sharks under 10 feet long have been observed this year, likely associated with the unseasonably high water temperatures along the coast,” said David McGuire, director of Shark Stewards, a nonprofit shark conservation group affiliated with the Earth Island Institute. “But an 18-foot shark is a very large, mature shark and can cause considerable harm to seals or humans.”

re: 'very large, mature shark...cause considerable harm to...humans'

A "Shark Psyop" underway? Can it really be? Either that or it must really be true that sharks are taking matters into their own 'fins' in a "really really personal" way just like the Jaws 19 'spoof' stated openly - in plain sight it is to be noted. Why else would all these huge great whites be camping out just offshore - for the first time ever - if they were not trying to send some sort of cryptic warning to humans to 'get outta Dodge'? Note especially the emphasis on 'experts' being worried for the safety of "humans". Note also the claim of increased numbers of juvenile white sharks because of "unseasonably high water temperatures" i.e. 'global-warming'. Psyop or real?

'Back To The Future II' scene dated in the movie as October 21, 2015;
The marquee board reads 'Jaws 19 - this time it's really really personal'
Spoof "Jaws 19" video put out 10-5-15 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment [link]
marking the October 21, 2015 date used in BTTF II with a play on the Jaws 19 scene
Compare (last three months):

10-18-15  Sharknado Planet Earth: Two More Shark Attacks On Oahu 10/17/15, 'Expert' Blames 'Human Activity'; Numerology Clues "re: shark 'expert': "our activities as humans...whether we’re surfing or swimming or scuba diving, produces very erratic movements"...What to make of this? Are the sharks ...going on the offensive to rid the ocean of human activities with all their "erratic movements"? Is all this commotion disrupting the sharks peace of mind so that they are now taking it "really really personal" to "save their home"? So it seems that the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda would have it be believed.

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Rev. 18:4
Revelation 10:1-2 'And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth'

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